3 Appealing and Challenging Destinations on Bali Island

Speaking about Indonesia tourist spotssurely we shouldn’t forget about Bali Island. Filled with various interesting tourist attractions and rides, making it the favorite tourist destination, not only for local tourists but also for foreigners.

Being renowned for its beautiful beaches, Bali apparently also has Bali adventure activities that are exciting and challenging. 

What are some of the adventurous activities that you can do while on Bali Island? These are three adventurous activities listed that are exciting and challenging.


Snorkeling or scuba diving are indeed mainstream in Bali, but how about rafting? Who would’ve thought? Bali apparently also has a rafting attraction that is challenging with heavy tropical rain views.

There are two big rivers that are fit for rafting in Bali. Both rivers are the Ayung River at Gianyar and the Telaga Waja River which is situated at the foot of Agung Mountain. Both of these rivers provide a view of an unusual experience. 

If you’re a beginner, the Ayung River would be the right answer due to its water flow which is not that strong. Whereas if you like adrenaline, rafting in the Telaga Waja River could be the activity you’re looking forward to doing.


Not only has beautiful beaches, but Bali Island also has high hills and valleys which is very suitable for canyoning. You can do an adventurous activity that is challenging, such as climbing a waterfall or jumping from cliffs and down the river. There are two famous canyoning tourist destinations in Bali, Kalimadah Canyon, and Kerenkali Canyon. 

Kalimadah Canyon is situated in the South of Bali Island. When you get there, you will be treated to a challenging adventure for about 2-3 hours. Kerenkali Canyon is situated in the Gitgit waterfall area, so if you’re a first-timer, don’t worry. Because during this tour you will be accompanied and supervised by a qualified instructor and assistant, you will also get insurance coverage during your activity here.

Odyssey Submarine

Odyssey Submarine is the only submarine that provides an undersea adventure that is picturesque in Bali. Located at Labuhan Amuk Beach, this destination provides the undersea scenery of Amuk Bay that is breathtaking for about 45 minutes. 

If you want to be part of this undersea tour, you’re expected to prepare the ticket for 595.000 IDR (42 USD) to 1.880.000 IDR (131 USD) in accordance with the age and the chosen package. Although it is considered expensive, the facility that will be given is worth the price.

Besides, the requirement for taking a submarine tour is a minimum order of two people or a family package which is valid for two adults and two children under 12 years.

Besides the three destinations that are on the list above, there are still lots of other interesting and exciting destinations which you can explore on Bali Island. Let’s arrange the schedule of your vacation as soon as possible to be ready for exploring the endless story on Bali Island!