6 Things Ladakh is Famous For

Ladakh, the Place of high passes or Saline lakes is renowned for its stunning landscapes and incredible beauty. The natural vegetation and wildlife of the area attract thousands of tourists from all over the globe. It is known for its thrilling and adventurous sports like Bungee jumping and motorbike riding. This beautiful spot is full of natural beauty, with the backdrop of the garden mountains and the clear blue sky. It is hard to describe the beauty of the place. Visit Ladakh once in your lifetime to see the beauty of the area.

Tourists love bungee jumping, which is why it is the main attraction. Everybody wanted to experience the thrill once in their lives. Ladakh is full of beautiful places. Let’s go to these beautiful places together with our Ladakh Trip Package and have a great time. Here are 6 top things Ladakh is known for:

#1 Bungee jumping

It is one of the most thrilling and popular sports in the world. It is the main attraction in Ladakh and draws tourists to the area to experience this thrilling sport for the first time. Ladakh is India’s ultimate pleasure sport. This is why tourists travel from all over India to visit it and share their vacations with friends and family.

This is a free-fall sport that involves being pushed from the top to a deep trench. To ensure your safety, you will be tied with an elastic rope or rubber rope. You will have one of your most enjoyable moments in life, freefall.

#2 Mountain Trekking

Ladakh is known for its Barren Mountains. This is why so many trekkers come from all around the globe to explore the stunning landscapes of Ladakh and climb the majestic mountains. Ladakh is home to the world’s highest mountain range. It is home to millions of barrens, small-sized mountains that make it a paradise for hikers. They were able trek all of them even if they tried to climb every mountain in a single day.
Mountain trekking is a great way to learn and practice skills. You must definitely experience Mountain trekking during your Ladakh tour packages. The thrill of adventure sports will be new to you.

#3 Motorbike adventure riding

Every year, thousands of motorcyclists come from India to Ladakh for adventure. This is one of India’s most popular adventure rides. Each year, friends and families borrow a motorbike and all the accessories to start their journey from Delhi, India’s capital. They reach their destination after covering thousands of miles and enjoy beautiful moments between barren mountains and saline lake.

#4 Hemis National Park

The western region of Ladakh is home to Hemis national park. It is one of the most protected national parks in India for endangered species. Researchers estimate that Hemis national park is home to 80% of the global snow leopard population.
Tourists and wildlife photographers came from all corners of the globe to see snow leopards in the Hemis national forest. This is an example of the country’s rich wildlife. This location is well worth mentioning when planning your Ladakh tour package.

#5 Pangong Tso Lake

Pangong Tso Lake, a lake of saline water with clear water is well-known for its crystal-clear water. It was recently featured in the news because of India and China conflict. It has many amazing features, such as the fact that it does not have the same color all day. The color of the lake changes depending on the sun. The lake’s clear waters attract thousands of tourists every year. According to Thrillophilia reviews, Pangong Tso Lake has been consistently rated as one of the most popular spots.

#6 Magnetic Hill

Magnetic hill is also called magic hill due to its phenomenon. If you park your vehicle on the slope, your car will go up instead of down. Although there is a scientific explanation for the phenomenon, thousands of tourists visit it every year. Add the name of the place to your Ladakh trip package for a memorable experience you will never forget.