7 Best Private Cabin Restaurants in Tirupati

Are you looking for a Private Cabin Restaurant in Tirupati? This article is for you. Tirupati is famous for Pulihora and Andhra Tamarind Rice. You can enjoy Pulihora and Andhra Tamarind Rice in a private cabin restaurant with your family. This delicious rice dish is a favourite among the local crowd in Tirupati. Every household in Tirupati has its version of Pulihora, passed down from generation to generation.

What is The Private Dining Concept?

The private dining concept is an idea of covid times; this offers you a remote area where you can have safe and personal space with your family or loved ones. Here you can have confidential talks along with the dinner without any disturbance. This concept suits private meetings, birthday celebrations, or dining with your family, friends, or loved ones.

Here are the best 7 private cabin restaurants in Tirupati:

1. Gufha Restaurant

Gufha Restaurant offers you the unique experience of a cave; you can enjoy a unique experience inside the cave with the food. This restaurant has a friendly and pleasant ambience; they have some ancient architecture work inside it. You can enjoy the food in their private cabin with your loved ones.

2. Robo Diner 

Robo Diner is a futuristic restaurant; in this restaurant, you are served by robots and get the best and most unique experience. You can enjoy lunch or dinner with your family, friends, and loved ones here. This is a family-friendly place, and if you are looking for a place to enjoy the food with a big friends group, this is the right option.

3. De Forest

De Forest is a family restaurant with perfect seating and a nice ambience. Here you will feel private, and It is a couple-friendly restaurant, which means you can enjoy the food with your friends and loved ones. They offer you a variety of food items at a reasonable price. De Forest is a forest and nature-based restaurant with an adventurous vibe.

4. Hot Spot

Hot Spot is an excellent place to visit if you are looking for a cosy and peaceful atmosphere. They offer several delicious snacks and various veg and non-veg food items. Here you can enjoy your lunch with your family and friends and a nice place to visit for a peaceful ambience. They have excellent and fresh quality food items. The staff is friendly and helpful.

5. Shanvi’s multicuisine Restaurant

Shanvi’s multicuisine Restaurant is a family-friendly restaurant. This restaurant offers fast food items and dishes. They maintain a silence and peaceful ambience with perfect seating. They offer both veg and nonveg food items. 

6. Di Table 9 Family Restaurant 

Di Table 9 Family Restaurant is a place which has a relaxed ambience, they offer you several food items, and it is a multicuisine family restaurant. They have a decent menu of veg and nonveg dishes. People recommend this restaurant for its biryani and affordable pricing of this restaurant. 

7. Minerva coffee shop

Minerva coffee shop is a vegetarian restaurant; here, you get a list of the best vegetarian dishes. They also have a serving of the best Andhra food, and along with that, they have North and South Indian dishes as well. Minerva coffee shop has several vegetarian items and is quite famous for its Filter coffee. Here you can have lunch with your family, friends and loved ones. This restaurant has its tiffin service as well. 

Why go for a Private Cabin Restaurant?

Outing and having lunch with your family and friends is a culture nowadays. With private cabins, you can have a pleasant experience and connect more with your family and friends. Here, you can enjoy the food you usually don’t cook at home. Family outings and lunch experience is a way of getting more involved with your loved ones. With the help of private cabins, you can open up your thoughts, socialise yourself, and talk about essential things with a pleasant dining experience.


These are the top 7 private cabin restaurants you can look at; they have a variety of food items and a peaceful ambience. Enjoy lunch with your family and friends. Private cabin restaurants offer you personal comfort. You can have various food items and lunch according to your preference. This list is created based on their food, the dining experience of other customers, along with the theme of the restaurants.