7 Factors to Consider in Choosing A Budget-Friendly Romantic Getaway Destination

Traveling to see fantastic scenery and to experience exciting adventures is one of the most beautiful things you can do with your significant other. It’s a great time to catch up with each other amidst your busy individual schedules and a wonderful chance to unwind and de-stress! When you always think it’s luxurious to go on a nice trip, you really won’t be able to plan and enjoy one. When you don’t open your mind and search further, you won’t know that you can actually find a budget-friendly romantic getaway destination.  

Indeed, the right destination is a must when you’re going on a couple’s trip. Although you stand by your pick-up line that says, “I can be happy anywhere as long as I’m with you,” realistically speaking, choosing the best travel spots is needed to make the best travel decisions ever! And whilst you want the perfect vacation venue for you and your lover, you can’t set aside the financial expenses that come along with traveling. 

Of course, you are looking for a place with rates that won’t give you an unsightly memory and won’t lead you to bankruptcy as well. You’re looking after your funds, but you don’t want your special couple’s trip to go ugly. Being practical is your priority, however, you can’t just settle for less. To help you make sound travel choices for your one-of-a-kind trip, here are 7 factors to consider in choosing an excellent yet budget-friendly romantic getaway destination.


Are you eyeing on a local holiday resort or on an overseas tourist spot? Where is it located? Is it far from your city of residence? Is it in another country? 

The first major facet to ponder on is the distance between your home and the travel attraction you want to visit. Identify their proximity because this will determine the transportation means, whether you will go by land, air or water, and the amount of time you need to get to and from there. 

If you travel abroad, obviously, you will spend more money on airfare, visas, passport requirements and more. In contrast, a local tourist spot is ideal as a budget-friendly romantic getaway destination. Choose a place you can easily ride or drive to. That’s definitely cheaper than those that will take you a whole day before you reach them!  


Don’t just consider a single venue when you’re looking for a budget-friendly romantic getaway destination. Jot down a list of your top options, and from there, learn about each one’s venue inclusions. 

The inevitable matters to concentrate on include operational facilities, amenities, hotel accommodation, food, transportation and the activities you can engage in. If they have all-inclusive packages that don’t seem overly expensive, go for those. Just make sure to ask the limitations, like what areas you can’t visit and what services you can’t avail with their most low-priced packages. 


A budget-friendly romantic getaway destination that’s also outstanding is located close to necessary resources. Take into account the accessibility of essential establishments from the travel spot you’re planning to pick. 

Are there nearby transportation links, like bus terminals, train stations and taxi lanes? Are there health institutions, drugstores, convenience stores and markets around? How about restaurants and fast food hubs? See to it that your choice of a romantic getaway destination is not so far from these significant points. 

On the contrary, for travel attractions unavoidably situated in remote areas, make sure that the one you choose provides what you need, such as food, water, extra clothing, first aid and more, and that they have these secured in their premises.  


For your romantic trip, you need a romantic mood created by a romantic place. Assess the suitability of the atmosphere towards your budget-friendly romantic getaway destination goals! 

There are locations which are super duper extravagant, and they never disappoint in providing a romantic vibe to couple’s trips. Nonetheless, for budget-keeping couples like you, you can go for venues which are not excessively decorated and which are ready for use, no need for customization. Simple is also charming! Plain is not always boring!


Even if you’re questing after a budget-friendly romantic getaway destination, never ever set aside safety. Select a tourist spot located in a town with low crime rate. Make sure the travel guides they employ are licensed and legitimate. Don’t get fooled by fake ‘cheap’ travel offers. Be happy, but most of all, be secure while on your precious couple’s trip! 


Just because their prices are low-cost does not give any tourist spot the right to present dirty and dusty facilities and lodging to their guests. Ascertain the cleanliness of the place, including the quality of room service they provide if they are a hotel accommodation or if they own any inn within the vicinity. Sanitation is a must for health and not only for setting a lovely ambience.  

Visit their social media pages, and read online reviews by previous clients. This is how you can unravel what photos uploaded in their travel website don’t totally show. 


Last but absolutely not the least, stand by travel websites for promo deals and discounts! Don’t miss markdowns on transportation and hotel accommodation rates. When you see tourist spots with special promos for their anniversaries or for national or global holidays, take note of them! You can get your expenses reduced by availing of cut-price offers. Be on full alert for giveaways as well. 

You and your significant other will be able to complete a budget-friendly romantic getaway destination by being informed and quick! These travel deals on sale are only for a limited time, so be fast! 



You can enjoy a romantic getaway even without being so, so, so wealthy! There are a lot of budget-friendly options out there. You just have to be smart and patient to catch them. Save money and enjoy a couple’s trip worth remembering today and tomorrow!



Nicole Ann Pore is the writer of this article.