Make your date night romantic in these romantic restaurants in NYC

If you think of the US, the first thing that would come to your mind is the statue of liberty. And guess where it is situated, yes the answer is New York. Apart from the historic monument, there is a large number of things this city houses. New York City is often referred to as the most vibrant city in the world. And there is no reason you can defy this statement. With all the features that NYC has for different classes of people, it is definitely one of the best places for date night dinners. In case you are searching for the same, we have got a list of the most romantic restaurants in NYC for a perfect date night dinner.


You will hardly find a restaurant that is as elaborate as Lilia in the process to prepare the best foods. This one is so popular for making the highly tasty food that people from almost every corner of NYC visit here only to get a mere taste. If you have fallen in love with a food geek, this place is just heaven for you.


A perfect date night dinner demands some rare qualities in a restaurant. First, the surroundings should be par excellence based on your parameters and then there should be a world-class chef to satisfy your needs regarding taste. The terrace is just phenomenal to provide an extraordinary open area dining experience. It offers a menu with exceptional items that are enough to make your day.

Panorama Room

This one is a bit special in many ways. In fact, it is as amazing as required by most enthusiastic couples. There is nothing better than sitting on the 18th floor of a building and giving up on all of the Manhattan skyline and beautiful sky with someone you love. Apart from offering the best in class food reviews of this place will just make your mood. Panorama room is much much more than its name. This is definitely a place worth visiting if you are looking to make your date night dinner one of the best experiences of your life.

La Mercerie

You must be familiar with the connection between France and romance. These two names sometimes seem quite synonymous with each other. And thanks to La Mercerie that you are able to get all the vibes you can I expect from the French culture to make your date night dinner one of the best. Whether it be their cuisine or the interiors full of curtains, table cloths, etc. all designed and arranged to reflect the French culture.

Crown Shy

The food at crown shy is one of the best in its class in every respect but this restaurant holds the reputation of one of the most trendy. Whether it be the constant playing of hip hop music all around inside or the ultra-fine interiors to reflect the modern culture, it is a perfect place to dine with your love on a date night dinner.


June is a perfectly romantic place from inside to outside. June is among the first bars in the area that familiarized those people with delightful drinks. In fact, it was able to do that in the most French way possible. From the time it was opened till now, it has maintained highly romantic and 20s-like vibes. Whether you are sitting at the bar or walking in the garden, you are going to have the best experiences when it comes to a romantic evening.


Often referred to as one of the best French restaurants in town, there is hardly any contender that can beat the charm and sweetness of Buvette. There is a Cellist at the entrance occasionally. If you arrive there on that day, your evening is going to be even more beautiful. Apart from that, Buvette is open till midnight. So, you get enough time to entertain your love in the way you want.

Le Pavillion

This fancy French restaurant offers you one of the best views of the town. With a beautiful view of the Chrysler building, it offers a room that is filled with enough pleasant vibes to make your date night a better one. The best thing is, you won’t feel you are indoors because of the scattered greenery over the entire space. Talking of the pleasant surroundings, there is definitely nothing better than Le Pavillion.

Final words

In order to make this article worthy and useful, we have put every possible effort. That is why we listened to the views of a large number of people, the preferences of couples, etc. That is why we expect this article to be highly reliable for you and it is. Since we have mentioned the names from different genres, it is very likely you would find one that suits your needs. Let us see which one of the most romantic restaurants in NYC works the best for you.