List of 8 Delightful Romantic Restaurants in Denver

Colorado is a major state in the US. Talking of this amazing state, there is a large number of cities that are quite popular throughout the US and the world. Among those cities, Denver also falls in the top section. This amazing city has got almost everything that people might need. Since a large number of things are always happening here, there is no way you can’t find what you are looking for. Since this article is about the specific needs of special individuals i.e. romantic couples, we are here with a list of the best romantic restaurants in Denver for your help.

The Corner Office Restaurant and Martini Bar Denver

It is one of the best places for brunch in the entire city. The surroundings are so well arranged that you will have enough time and space for spending time with your loved ones after or before movies. As the name suggests, it houses the best-in-class martini bar. In case your companion likes BBQ, there is nothing better than this one. Visit it without giving a single thought in that case.

Piatti- Denver

Italian foods are not something to be ignored. And the good news is a large number of people from around the world love food from this genre. Apart from the delicious food that is available here, the vibes are pretty great as well. This restaurant is something very special in delivering the same culture, vibes, and charm of Italy. Though this restaurant’s chain is spread throughout the US. If you are in Denver, there is no way you could find something better than this in terms of romantic vibes.

El Five

Delicious food can be found in a large number of restaurants but here we are talking about something romantic. Taste and delight is not the only element of a romantic restaurant. It is the view, surroundings, and vibes that make a restaurant romantic. And there is no one who can beat El Five in that regard. It is one of the best and most-liked restaurants in Denver when it comes to a romantic place for an exceptional dining experience.


Taking a look at the best food materials, you will find that it is not just the taste that makes food great. Sometimes, it is the way of presenting food that significantly contributes to making food exceptional. When you are with someone of your kind, it will make your day if you both are surrounded by beautiful things. And you will find this place delightful in that respect. Bittersweet has been one of the most popular for this quality apart from offering just highly-delicious food.


Linger is known as a restaurant offering the finest food throughout Denver. The best thing that makes it far different from others is a concept. The operation and existence of Linger are based on a few concepts. That is what gives you unique vibes. And you already know the importance of vibes on a perfect date night dinner. This option is not worth ignoring when you are looking for something great.

The Plimoth

This restaurant is composed of some rare varieties. Whether it be the considerably small yet effective size or the trendy taste, they have it all that is enough to make your day. It is the size and surroundings that make this place highly intimate for the best date night experiences you could in the whole of Denver. The menu is quite exceptional and the menu keeps on changing based on seasons.


First, this is situated at one of the most visited places of Denver i.e. Larimer Square. The owner of this restaurant i.e. Richard Sandoval opened it in order to add an extra milestone to the fame of this place. Since the day it was established now, Tamayo remains one of the most visited spots for downtown citizens. Often called the best place for remarkable tequila shots there are several other things as well that make it one of the best in town.

SOL Mexican Cocina

This is best in many ways but the two ways are quite prevalent as compared to others. It is one of the best romantic restaurants in Denver but at the same time, it is the best Mexican restaurant in town. Mexican food is preferred by a large number of people in the United States. And that is why it remains one of the most visited restaurants for romantic couples.

Final words

Apart from having a perfect dinner, Denver is a city where you can spend enough time doing other interesting things. When you have got such an amazing city with outstanding landscapes, there is no way you won’t like walking down the streets. The charm and sweetness that you would find there is enough to make your day. And when you are with someone special in such cities, no questions need to be asked further. We hope this list of romantic restaurants in Denver was helpful enough to make your mood.