Adventure activities in Hyderabad for thrill-seekers

If we talk about the fastest growing cities in India, Hyderabad is surely going to top the charts! This place is not only a hub of IT but is also known to facilitate the visitors with the finest and soul-blessing experiences. These experiences would be more than enough to fill up your heart with utmost refreshment and positivity. If you stay in Melbourne and are planning out your Melbourne to Hyderabad trip, it is certainly going to be the best decision of your life. There are many places to visit in Hyderabad, and if you want to be adventurous, you can try out the adventure sports in Hyderabad. 

We have come up with a whole list of adventure activities in Hyderabad that you should try out. Make sure you try out these adrenaline activities and make your Melbourne to Hyderabad tour memorable.

  • Go Karting

India considers Go Karting as one of the finest and delightful sports. Go Karting is counted as a favorite for the people, especially during weekends. You can easily compete with your friends during this activity. While being in Hyderabad, you will spot many areas with Go-Kart tracks in and around this place. Each one of these tracks is maintained in the most satisfactory possible manner. Also, they are well-equipped with safety equipment and trained personnel. The prices of Go-Karting depend upon the type of track as well as kart.

  • Bungee Jumping

While you plan your adventurous Melbourne to Hyderabad tour, never forget to add Bungee Jumping to your itinerary. If you want to experience that adrenaline rush, then Bungee Jumping is an excellent sport for you. Hyderabad hosts several Bungee Jumping spots in its natural habitats, and each one of them is quite enjoyable. The natural habitats, but there are also many artificial parks in Hyderabad that provide Bungee Jumping too. These parks have nests underneath so that the participants are not hurt.

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  • Rock Climbing

Are you fond of mountaineering? If yes, then you should undoubtedly try out rock climbing in Hyderabad. But, if you are still a bit scared of scaling huge mountains, then you can climb up the smaller ones and get the feel of mountaineering! There are many places in Hyderabad that give you the chance to try out this activity. Some of them are artificially made and equipped with security personnel and special climbing suits for the visitors. You need to wear the apt pair of shoes meant for climbing. They are provided by the mountaineering organizers only.

  • Laser Tag

Under Laser Tag, you are going to spend your time in the dark. There you would be wearing the infrared vests with the ability to emit rays amidst the neon lights. It has proved to be a successful experience for every participant in this activity. The game is played in teams, and the ones who are fond of Virtual Reality can try out Laser Tag. They would surely have the best time. While being here, you are going to meet a lot of video game fans out there!

  • Trekking

Are you looking forward to exploring the unexplored in Hyderabad? If that’s the case, then you should try out your hands in trekking here. Whether you want to trek for a full or half-day, you can do trekking as per your preferences and budget. Also, the tenure of the trek also depends upon the location of its facilitation. There are many mountainous regions in Hyderabad, so you can expect a lot of trekking places in the city. Trekking is done in natural habitats, and also, you are going to enjoy a lot in the cooler climate.

  • Zorbing

Zorbing has a lot of demand in Hyderabad since it is considered amongst the finest adventurous activities out there. In this game, the participant needs to sit in the orb, and it shall then roll downhill or any kind of flat surface. The one inside the orb is not going to get an idea about whether he/she is being rolled in the sky or the ground. Sounds exciting, right? Well, it is certainly as amazing as it sounds, and so, you should definitely give it a try while you’re in Hyderabad. You can also try out aqua zorbing here that is way more exciting than normal zorbing.

  • Paintball

Via Paintball, you are going to have an experience like you are on a battlefield. It is certainly the most adventurous game ever. While you are in Hyderabad, you must not forget to engage yourself in this game with your friends/family. Under this game, the players can divide themselves in the form of teams and then play against each other. You are surely going to get an amazing feel while being amidst the real battleground setup and real dressing equipment.

  • Kayaking

Anyone who wants to experience how paddling water feels can try out Kayaking. Under boating, the boats are operated via motors and are made up of metal. Before starting off with this activity, the participants need to wear life jackets. There is no need for the participants to worry about tipping off from the boat since it’s designed in a way that wouldn’t let you fall. Designed purely for the purpose of adventure, the kayaks do not have the ability to accommodate plenty of people.

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Adventure is necessary, irrespective of the place you are heading to! Hyderabad is a heartthrob when it comes to organizing adrenaline-rushing activities. Thus, if you plan your Melbourne to Hyderabad vacation, you should not forget to add the activities mentioned above to your itinerary. Also, make sure that you get your flight tickets booked from the best. MyTicketsToIndia is known to facilitate its clients with affordable flight fares’ deals. You can choose from the array of flight booking deals available on its online portal. Also, its 24×7 customer support shall prove to be the best help for you. Whether you want to know about flights’ availability, timings or prices, its team is there to help you.