Best cities in India to move for Higher Education

Did you know that India comes in the third position in the ranking of Higher Education Institutes? Every year we produce many graduates whether you want to pursue Engineering, MBBS, BCA, or any other undergraduate course.

We have many cities in India that accommodate very reputed and great institutions for under graduation courses. These institutes offer a lot of courses to make your career in. We will discuss Nine amazing cities where you can move to pursue higher education.

Moving to a cosmopolitan is an entirely new experience, and in India, we do not lack cosmos. We have New Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore that top the list of best cities of India.

Moving to one of them is a dream for most of us, and trust me, moving there is not an easy job.

First, you have to find a suitable institution for you. That suits your Budget and has your desired course in it. If you want to pursue Engineering, then Bangalore is the best place to do it. Moreover, the culture of these cities is the best, and to enjoy your College life in these cities is not less than a dream.

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 Cloud Packers and Movers offer services in all the cities that we will discuss in this article. Not taking your time, here are the cities in India to move to for Higher education.

New Delhi

The best place to live, pursue education, and work. Delhi is the hub for several MNC’s, accommodates reputed colleges for higher education, and the best street food in the world. One can survive in Delhi with just an expense of 100 rs per day for food.

Moreover, you will find several PGs, Coles, Hostels, and dormitories to live in. Wherever you live in Delhi, I assure you that you will not die because of hunger.

Delhi has the best culture and nightlife from any other city in India. Living in Delhi will give you the complete experience of India.


It is a hub for engineering, and day by day, growing cosmopolitan. It is none other than Namma Bengaluru. The climate, Oh My God, you are going to fall in love with it. The parks, lakes, gardens in Bangalore, and attractions will make fall for them ultimately. You are not going back home once you come to Bangalore.

South Indian meals are delicious, and you will get to know this once you visit Bangalore. The only problem here is the communication. But if you are fluent in English, then it will not matter much.

Did you know that Bangalore is one of the cheapest places to live in the world? I am not saying the cheapest, and I am saying it is one of them. You will find accommodation very quickly at a rate of not more than 5000 per month.


Named after the Mumba Devi, the financial capital of India, it is the best place to pursue an education in fashion, Commerce, and modeling.

Mumbai is also a very great city with a very significant culture and nightlife. This city never sleeps, and you will find food anytime and anywhere. The only limitation is the accommodation in Mumbai is a bit costly.

So, if your Budget fits Mumbai, then you should go for it.


Hyderabad is following Bangalore and soon is going to be the next IT hub of India.

With over 350 colleges for studying technology, Hyderabad is one of the best places to live in.

The people are also accommodating here, and there is no problem with communication in Hyderabad. It is also famous for law and MBA colleges. If you are getting a college in Hyderabad, I advise you to go for it blind foldable. There are several places in Hyderabad to live and several things to eat.

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The Oxford of the East, Pune, is not more than 3 hours away from Mumbai. You will find outstanding and quality education in management studies, engineering, law, and MBBS.

Pune accommodates one of the largest universities in India for studies in the field of Humanities and Commerce. Even Symbiosis International University, one of India’s largest private universities, also houses in Pune.


The Queen of the Arabian Sea is home to the Maharaja’s College, which offers courses in Arts and Commerce, and the Cochin University of Sciences and Technology, which offers courses in Engineering and Technology. The Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute offers courses in marine biotechnology. Kochi is likewise home to the National University of Advanced Legal Studies.


One of India’s quickest developing urban areas, Ahmedabad is home to the best administration school in the country, IIM Ahmedabad. The Gujarat University offers courses in Arts, Humanities, and Commerce. It is additionally home to the National Institute of Design and The Center for Environmental Planning and Technology University.


In the east, Kolkata is home to the Presidency University, which offers courses in Humanities and Political Sciences. Jadavpur University, Rabindra Bharati University, and WBUT offer courses in Engineering. The Indian Institute of Management, the top business school, is situated in Kolkata. Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics offers courses in physical and biophysical sciences.


The capital of Tamil Nadu is one of the country’s best social mixtures and is also a blend of various types of schools. The renowned Anna University offers courses in Engineering and Technology through its associated schools. SRM University offers courses in Humanities and Sciences. The Indian Maritime University offers courses in Marine Technology and Logistics.


It doesn’t matter wherever you are moving to pursue your higher studies, and I will give you the following recommendations:

  • Check your Budget and then Move
  • Take the help of professionals to move, so that it will be very convenient for you and your parents.
  • Pull out a complete survey of the city to which you are moving and check the availability of accommodations and transport facilities.

Happy Future to You!

Author Bio:

I am Rishabh Agarwal, an Indian-Active Blogger. I love to share stories and experiences with the readers. I also work as a freelance content writer at Cloud Packers and Movers.