Best places to visit in Beijing 2022

Since the countries have eased the travel restrictions that were placed due to Covid-19, a lot of travelers have resumed their travel plans. The countries slowly starting to welcome visitors from worldwide.

You must be wondering which countries you should visit in 2022. Since we see signs of normalizing, Asia would be an ideal place to visit on your next vacation. If you’re so much interested in a mixture of modern and cultural aspects, Beijing is one of the best cities in China to plan a vacation. As a city with a long history, Beijing has many historical places, gardens, and tourist destinations.

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In this article, let me explain to you the best places to visit in Beijing. Let’s begin!

  1. Great Wall

Great Wall is one of the most tourist attractive places in Beijing, China. Anyone is rarely unheard about Great Wall due to its historical significance. If you’d love some amazing captures, you should not miss this place! You can walk on this place for a recommended time of 3 hours. That walk will be an amazing one as you’d get to see breathtaking views out there. You will get the chance to visit several sections like Badaling Great Wall, Simatai Section, Mutianyu section, and more. You will feel the ancient historical pride when walking on this Great Wall.

Pro Tip: Great Wall is more likely to be crowded during the weekend. This place attracts lots of locals and foreigners. Hence, visiting during the weekdays would be ideal.

  • Forbidden City

Forbidden city, also known as Palace Museum is another most attractive place in Beijing. You can get a clear idea of Chinese culture and the dynasty at this place. It is the largest wooden palace that has cultural and historical value. Forbidden City was only reserved for the emperors during the 15th to 18th century.  You will be amazed to see the large 9000 rooms of this palace along with cultural relics, architecture, and antiquities.

Pro Tip: Forbidden City is spreading over 250 acres and it’s bigger than you ever think! Since this place has lots of things to visit, it will take more time to visit the palace completely. Hence, keep at least 4 hours from your schedule to visit every corner of Forbidden City.

  • Temple of Heaven

Temple of Heaven is a must-visit place in Beijing. It’s the largest religious site in China with 270 acres. This place attracts lots of foreigners as well as locals for spiritual healings. You can enjoy the calmness and breathtaking views at this Temple of Heaven. In the past, this place was popular among the Chinese dynasty and has visited emperors to pray for a good harvest along with richness and wealth. Currently, lots of locals visit this place for morning exercises, and yoga. The place is more likely a leisure park where you can spend time freely. You can capture amazing views from this place. You can spend as long as you want at this place. However, you can completely finish visiting the Temple of Heaven within two to three hours.

Pro Tip: If your schedule allows, try to visit the Temple of Heaven during the morning to feel the morning bliss from there. You can spend your free time doing exercises and yoga with locals. You should add these places to your travel plan right away! Undoubtedly, you will love every bit of your journey to Beijing.