Cruises are famous among emirates cultures. These dhows are traditional wooden boats which were used for trading goods historically but now they have been transformed to floating restaurants open for tourism and fun industry. To admire Dubai glittering skylines and bustling cityscape, unique dhow cruises Dubai are the best option to experience the magical coastal area of Dubai. These dinners are made more memorable with live entertainment shows which include famous cultural tanoura dance, belly dance and horse show. This article will cover the charm of traveling on a unique dhow cruise and why it is a must to do activities with your family and friends. 

Famous destination where dhow cruises are available:

Dhow cruises provide a picturesque coastline in multiple cities. Having dinner on such cruises with breathtaking views leaves a memorable experience. These are some coastal cities which provide traditional dhow dinner experience:

  • Dubai , UAE

Dubai UAE is the most famous city to provide dhow dinner cruises option. Two famous locations are Dubai Creek and Dubai Marina. Dubai creek offers a more tradition sightview and experience whereas dubai marina showcase the modern city landscape. 

  • Muscat, Oman

Dhows in Muscat cruise around the Omani coastline, providing amazing panoramas of the rocky mountains, historic forts, and gorgeous beaches. Arabic tastes are frequently featured in the cuisine.

  • Zanzibar, Tanzania

Zanzibar has a famous white sandy beach and dinner cruise takes you to the shores of stone town. Here you can enjoy famous swahili and international cuisines along with traditional music of Taarab. 

  • Bangkok, Thailand

The city is famous for its temple and landmarks such as Wat Arun and the grand palace. Dhow cruises are available on Chao Phraya river. On this cruise you can enjoy dinner with traditional Thai cuisine with traditional dances. 

Why is Live Entertainment a part of Dhow cruise?

Live entertainment shows including dance and singing creates a pivotal role in alluring dhow dinner cruises. Here are few reasons how they entertain people:

  • Cultural Representation

Cultural performances such as dance, music on traditional music and even storytelling represent city culture. This offers the visitors to immerse themself in local culture and admire the art of the artist and local tradition. 

  • Dubai Tanoura Dance on dhow cruise

The famous tanoura dance is an entertainment live show on dubai cruise. Tanura is a type of traditional dance. It’s a vibrant and dynamic performance that takes place aboard a dhow trip. To energetic music, a dancer in a whirling skirt performs. It’s enthralling to watch the dancer spin around, generating a stunning display of colors and lights. This dance adds a magical touch to your dhow trip, making it even more spectacular and memorable.

  • People Engagement

To make people’s moments memorable, live entertainments are involved in activities on cruise. People enjoy live moments on board. The total time you will find yourself engaged in cruising. The possible entertainment you will find is tabla beat, belly dancer or tanoura dance which engage people in the evening. 

  • Memories 

The live entertainment is added to enhance the overall atmosphere of cruise. Artists and performers create festive and lively moments that add magic to the experience. The performances on unique dhow cruise dubai are unforgettable. They become lasting memories for people on cruises. These memories are a good reminder of enhancing the evening they spent on water. 


For experiencing unforgettable maritime moments unique dhow cruise dubai is the best service that one can enjoy. Whether you are with family or want a romantic night out with a partner, cruising at night is the best option.  Dhow cruise offers not only dinner and  cruising experience to travelers but  also entertains them with live performances.