Dubai: The Best Things to do in UAE’s top city

Going to the office and following the same routine, everyday can become quite hectic after a while. It is best to take a leave for few days and visit some other country to rejuvenate yourself in such situations.

Mainly known for its architecture and beautiful skyline, Dubai has rapidly become one of the most visited places in the world. However, there is much more to the city than meets the eye. Since it started as a desert, most activities here are related to that.

Starting from Evening & morning desert safari Dubai to camel riding and even sandboarding, Dubai is really a city that has it all. If you plan a trip this summer, this blog further points out some of the main activities you should add to your itinerary.

Jeep Safari:

Undoubtedly one of Dubai’s main attractions, going on a Jeep Safari is a must when you are in Dubai. You will be rented a 4×4 vehicle and a driver and can explore the desert from the car. The Evening & morning desert safari are usually accompanied by a lot of other activities such as snowboarding and dune bashing.

Dune Bashing:

While dune bashing is an added activity in jeep safaris, you can also opt for it alone. This activity is perfect for adrenaline lovers and is definitely a thrilling experience.

You will be in a 4×4 jeep along with a professional driver, so these activities are absolutely safe. However, if you are sceptical, the professionals there know how to make you feel more comfortable. You can also opt for quad biking.

Dirt Biking:

Another beloved sport is taking a bike tour in the desert and bashing across sand dunes. Since no driver is included in this activity, you will need to pass an initial lesson. However, the professionals here ensure that all the safety equipment is provided to avoid any mishap.

Comparatively, a bit more on the expensive side, this activity is perfect for any bike lover who wants to experience some adrenaline.

Fat-tire Biking:

As the name suggests, this is a bicycle with fatter tyres to avoid sinking into the sand. In this package, you can explore the desert in your own time, alongside an expert guide.

However, the desert is a vast place to cover, and these tours can last up to 5 hours. So if you are ready to take on a fitness challenge with your friends, this is the perfect sport for you. If that is too tiring, you can always opt for quad biking.

Hot Air Balloon:

Boarding a hot air balloon can give you a different perspective of enjoying the desert. These tours start early in the morning so that you can watch the sunrise in the desert. On top of that, the bird’s eye view of the whole dessert really makes this experience worth a try.

Although cameras are usually provided, you should not forget to take your own. Capturing those beautiful sights can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


Falcons are one of the sharpest yet most dreaded birds on the planet. In this desert, you can opt for falconry shows. These falcons are trained from a young age to fly as high as 4000 feet in the air and give you a demonstration.

To make the experience even better, you can combine falcon display with a gourmet breakfast and hot air balloon ride.

Camel Rides:

The first thing that comes to mind while talking about deserts is camels, and you should not miss a camel ride in Dubai’s desert. These animals are trained from a very young age and are calm.

On top of that, the owners will give you a brief explanation on how to sit and what not to do. If you are in Dubai for an unforgettable experience, exploring the desert on a camel’s back is a must.


Much like snowboarding, sandboarding too uses a board to slide across the dunes in the desert. This is an enjoyable activity with friends and can complete your Dubai experience.

Visit the Hatta Heritage Village:

The Hatta Heritage Village is a mountain resort that has been restored,and the mud and stone houses there show how life was in Dubai centuries ago. This place will surely take you back in time and tell you how much the world has developed since.

You can also combine this trip with a 4×4 to make your experience even better.

These are some of the main attractions in Dubai. However, if you are in Dubai looking for the best experience, you must enjoy both the city life and the desert life. There are several travel agencies like Arabian Desert Safari, which have combo offers on trips to Dubai. Not only that, but they also have some of the best prices and discounts in the industry. Rest assured, with a well-planned trip, Dubai is one of the best experiences you will have.