Features To Look Out for When Selecting a Rest Stop App

When you hit the road for that long-awaited road trip, one of the things you need to make the trip safe and fun is a rest stop area. Driving for long periods without rest is dangerous because fatigue is one of the causes of road accidents. If you are driving for long hours, you need to plan where you will rest before continuing your journey.

If you have a smartphone or tablet, you can find several rest stop apps on your device’s app store. These apps have unique features that make finding a suitable rest stop easy. Here are some features to look for when selecting a rest stop app.

Filtering System

A good rest stop app should have a perfect filtering system that allows you to see the information you need. When you are driving northbound, there is no need to see southbound rest stops on your phone.

Up-to-Date Information

You should note that rest stop areas on many roads frequently change; hence if you used a rest stop area on a certain road two years ago, it might not be there the next time you use that road. The app should have current information on all rest stop areas, usually gathered from local news and user reports.


A good rest stop app should provide enough details on all rest stop areas available on your route. When you select a particular rest stop area, you should be able to see additional details that can help you decide if you should stop there or continue driving. Details should include amenities, security, staff, handicap access, and vending machines, among others.

Data Storage

When driving long distances, you might reach areas without cell coverage. You need a rest stop app that can store data that you can use to find rest stop areas without access to the internet. The stored data reduces the need to refer to a website to get more information about a certain rest stop area.

User-Friendly Interface

The rest stop app should have a user-friendly interface that people with little tech knowledge can easily use. The app should have information readily available without taking you through different stages. If possible, get an app that does not have logins, advertisements, and add-ons. 


Fatigue is one of the causes of road accidents, and drivers are encouraged to rest after driving for long hours. If you are not familiar with a certain route, you can use a rest stop app to find a good and secure rest stop area to take a break from driving.

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Thomas Bouve has had an intensive IT career in innovative transportation projects and now works at Rest Stops Ahead. During a 4-year tour of duty in the Navy, LCDR Bouve received critical computer training which he directly applied to various logistics programs. After his military service, Tom was appointed Chief, Research and Analysis Division within the U.S. Department of Transportation.