Hotel Perks to Take Advantage of During Your Stay

The hospitality industry is a highly competitive one, so hotels have to continually revise what they offer to entice guests to book with them.

Indeed, the nightly rates are usually the first thing considered. However, the amenities and perks are what make the difference between an okay stay and an amazing one that you want to tell your friends about. Hotel managers know this, and they offer benefits to guests that push them to the next level.

Still, many people don’t take advantage of these perks because they don’t know they’re available. Before you head out on your next overnight stay somewhere, read this list of common hotel extras, and be sure to ask about them when you get there.

1. Different Pillows

You aren’t “stuck” with the pillows that come in your room by default. Many hotels have pillow menus, a list of different options they have for every sleeping style.

Pillow menus are increasingly common in many hotel brands. They usually include hypoallergenic, soft, medium, firm, and foam pillows. You might even find a body pillow to cuddle up with, and they’re all free.

If you struggle with getting a good night’s sleep when you have the wrong pillow but don’t want to pack yours, the pillow menu is your new temporary best friend.

2. Room Service

Don’t feel like leaving the room after a long day of being a tourist or sitting in meetings? Why not take advantage of the hotel’s room service?

Granted, this option isn’t free at every hotel, but it’s usually not nearly as expensive as you might imagine. Typically, room service fare pricing is comparable to what you’d pay at a restaurant.

Don’t worry if you’re on a business trip. You can use your per diem for your in-room meal.

3. Extra Toiletries

Flying means packing your toiletries in a checked bag or getting travel-sized options for your carry-on. It can be a hassle, especially if you’re concerned about liquids and creams making a mess in your suitcase.

Since you know the hotel is going to have some basic toiletry items waiting for you, you can skip the stress and just use theirs. If you run out, you can ask for more. If there’s a personal care item you forgot, like a razor or toothbrush, the front desk will provide you with one.

4. Spa Services

Does your hotel have a spa on one of its floors? If so, you may be entitled to use some of the services for free as a paid guest.

Most of us think we have to buy a spa package in order to use the jacuzzi or steam room. However, some hotels let guests access these non-supervised areas central areas because more than one person at a time is able to enjoy the service.

If there’s a spa operating in your hotel, ask the front desk if there are free options you can take advantage of. You could be soaking in a jacuzzi or relaxing in a sauna before you leave.

5. Beverages

There’s almost always a coffeemaker and coffee in a hotel room. Not everyone drinks a cup of joe, though.

If coffee isn’t your thing, call the front desk and see if there are any other refreshment options. They may offer herbal teas, hot chocolate, sodas, or bottled water for those who ask.

6. Chargers

Forgot your cell phone charger? It doesn’t have to be an emergency. Call down to guest services and ask for a temporary replacement.

Hotels often have spare chargers for most electronic devices. If they frequently have international guests, they’ll even keep adapters for a variety of outlets on hand.

7. Writing and Reading Tools

Open the drawer in your room’s nightstand or desk, and you’ll find a pen and notepad with the hotel’s logo on them. These are promotional marketing materials, so the hotel is happy to have you use and share them.

Most guests leave them there, but you can grab yours and ask for more. And if you love to read but forgot your book, ask the staff if there is a lending library available. Your next favorite story may be waiting on the shelves in a hidden area of the hotel.


Sometimes, it can seem like there are hotel perks that everyone knows about but you, and others that are closely guarded secrets.

The reality is that the hotel staff wants you to enjoy your stay, and they have these little extras available to help make this possible. All you need to do is ask, and chances are, the perk will appear. It’s not magic; it’s hospitality!