How to Book Cheap Tickets to India

India is a dream holiday destination for many. The country has a charm unlike any

India is a dream holiday destination for many. The country has a charm unlike any other, and it will make its way into your heart for sure. India is the ultimate holiday destination because the country has an eternity to offer anyone who chooses to explore it. From the mountains in the North to the beautiful ocean in the South, the diversity of the country’s landscape is sure to blow your mind. The beauty of the country is the reason for its popularity among those looking for adventure. 

Once you have made up your mind and are all set to go on a trip to India, you need to start thinking about booking flight tickets from Canada to India. However, the task of landing cheap flight tickets to India might turn out to be a little bit more difficult than you imagined it to be initially. This is due to the popularity of India as a holiday spot. Although difficult, the task of finding economical plane tickets isn’t altogether impossible. To help you out on your quest, here are some hacks that will allow you to make a big saving on your flight booking.

  • Travel To India On Weekdays: Looking to save money and stick to a tight budget? Fly during the weekdays to make the maximum savings. As weekdays aren’t as favorable as compared to weekends for traveling, finding cheap plane tickets during the weekdays is a much easier task. Traveling during weekdays not only means extra savings, but it also means much fewer crowds. As there won’t be as many people flying during this time of the week, you will be able to dodge the airport crowd and all the holidaymakers at your destination.
  • Follow Airlines For Cheap Tickets To India: Social media has become one of the most powerful tools when it comes to advertising. No matter what you are looking for, social media can help you out. As most airlines use social media as a way of advertising themselves, it is only natural that they use their social media accounts to let people know about any new offers they might have. If you are on any social media platform, make sure that you follow as many airlines as you can. Doing so will make you one of the first ones to know about any discount deals that might be offered.
  • Get a VPN To Book Tickets To India: VPN is not just helpful in giving you access to websites that are not available in your country. VPN can also be used as a way to land the lowest airfares in the market. As flight tickets tend to be cheaper in some countries as compared to the others, you can use VPN to find ticket prices in other countries and pay in a currency that is much lower than yours. The next time you have a budget you need to abide by, make sure that you get a good VPN app and find the flight tickets that are perfect for you.
  • Book Tickets To India In Incognito Mode: The incognito mode on your browser is not just there for you to make secret searches, but also to find the flight tickets that you want. As the internet keeps a track of all the searches that you make on a normal mode, using the incognito mode can allow your searches to stay undetected. Deleting your history is another great way of making sure that there are no price hikes at the last minute. When you start using the incognito mode when you are looking for plane tickets, you will notice that the prices will always remain stable.
  • Redeem Miles For Cheap Air Tickets To India: The loyalty programs that are offered by the airlines are a great way of getting cheap tickets and upgrades. These loyalty programs help you in earning points and miles each time you fly, and these points can later be redeemed for getting some great discounts. Becoming a member of these loyalty programs also gives you a chance to become a priority member and unlock several other added benefits. Sign up for reward programs whenever you can. If you are smart with saving your air miles then you might even be able to get free tickets to your chosen destination.
  • Compare Flight Tickets To India: Comparison websites on the internet will help you cut down your search time and get you the prices you want. Comparison websites find various flight options and compare them to offer you the cheapest ones. Comparison websites are especially useful when you are looking for cheap tickets at the last minute. Given the limited time you have at your hands, comparison websites can save you at the last moment. All you need to do is specify your location and destination, and these websites will find all the flight options that are suited to your budget and all other requirements. 
  • Book Air Tickets To India In Advance: It is definitely true that the early bird gets the worm. Booking your tickets at least a month to 45 days in advance can help you bag the prices you want. Looking for tickets early also gives you enough time to check out all your options and compare all the prices. As you get closer to the date of departure, the rate of your flight tickets will increase. The next time you need to fly to India, you need to start your search as early as possible. Making your reservations early will allow you to find the best tickets that will fit into any budget.

Once you have found the cheap flights to India, Canada to India trip is only a short plane ride away. Using these hacks can help you save the big bucks and enjoy a trip that you will remember for the rest of your life. Now, all there is left to do is get the tickets that are most suitable for you and fly away to your dream destination.