How to Do Laundry While Traveling

Some think they do not have time to launder their clothes while on travel. You will be surprised at how effective these laundry strategies are.

Pack the Best Travel Fabrics

Although you can bring and laundry any fabrics while travelling, it is best to familiarize yourself and only pack low-maintenance fabrics. Low-maintenance fabrics enable you to pack lightly and minimize the stress of the laundry process.

The ideal travel clothes are merino wool, polypropylene, and silk. These fabrics wick moisture, do not require special care and are sufficient for warm and cool environments. If you are worried about your jeans, you can bring an extra pair. Although denim is heavy and bulky, it does not require frequent laundry. Moreover, your jeans will most likely match every top you have packed.

Best Ways to Wash Clothes

Those who do laundry on their frequent travels have tried and tested several ways to do laundry while travelling. Check out their ways and have the luxury to choose which method works best for a traveller like you.

Wash Clothes in Hotel Room Sink

It is a convenient and no expense method of doing laundry while travelling. However, this does not always provide a quality wash. Bring a gentle and carry-on approved laundry detergent. You still need an effective laundry detergent that minimizes its impact on the environment.

If you plan to wash your laundry at the hotel sink, ensure that you do a quick cleaning of the sink. 

Visit Laundromats

If you are not a fan of handwashing your laundry at your hotel room sink, you can find laundry services near you. Laundromats are abundant in cities, but it is best to look for one before going. You do not have to worry about the costs as laundromats are reasonably priced and affordable. However, the prices fluctuate depending on the location. That’s why it is important to research to have an idea if this option fits your budget. 

Hotel Laundry Service

If dropping off your laundry at the nearest laundromat ruins your travel schedule, you can have the hotel laundry service. Moreover, you do not have to carry your laundry around as the hotel services have a laundry pickup and delivery service. You just have to wait in your room. 

However, this option is a bit pricey. You are not only paying for the convenience of having your clothes laundered. But, you are also paying for the impact of having your precious time wandering around and keeping your clothes within the hotel. Hotel laundry service is the best option for those who do not mind paying a high price.  Planning for your next travel? You have nothing to worry about this time! With these tips and options on how to do laundry while travelling, you can now enjoy your travel destinations without carrying too much wardrobe and laundry stress. Always choose the method that best suits you. After all, what matters is you enjoy your travel while wearing the best from your suitcase.