How to tailgate bike pads work

What are tailgate bike pads?

A tailgate pad is a large pad that is attached to the tailgate of a truck and can fold over. They form a barrier between the truck and the bicycle in order to prevent damage to either the truck or the bicycle. Tailgate pads are especially useful for cyclists who own pickup trucks. Tailgate pads are thick, foam-filled pads that fold over a pickup truck’s tailgate. The front wheel and fork of your bike are outside the tailgate, resting on the top tube. Many of these pads include additional straps to keep bikes in place, and some include bumpers to keep bikes from colliding with one another.

Tailgate pads are especially useful for people who shuttle their bikes for gravity runs because it is much easier to throw your bike on one than it is to secure it in a bike rack. Additionally, they address a recent issue with many traditional bike racks. LumBuy will help you to select the best tailgate bike pad

What Are the Functions of Tailgate Bike Pads?

Tailgate bike pads (also known as mountain bike tailgate pads) are used on pickup truck tailgates. A tailgate bike pad will be beneficial if you prefer to ride your bicycle while out on adventures. They are simple to use and set up. The bottom of these foam-filled pads is tied, and they rest on the top of the tailgate. They keep your bike firmly in place and, as previously stated, prevent dents, scratches, and other damage to your bike and tailgate. The best tailgates bike pads with all their features are described in Lumbuy.

Sizing of tailgate bike pads:

The majority of tailgate pads are available in two sizes: standard (or small) and large. Large pads are typically designed to fit full-size trucks such as Dodge Ram, Chevy Silverados, Toyota Tundra, and others. Meanwhile, small or standard pads fit mid-sized trucks such as the Toyota Tacoma, Ford Ranger, GMC Canyon, and others. Simply measure the width of your tailgate and compare it to the width of the tailgate pads you are considering to ensure that they will fit on your pickup truck.

Working principle of tailgate bike pads:

Several high-quality webbing straps secure each pad to your truck’s tailgate. Most use a fairly standard plastic ladder-lock buckle to cinch down and secure the webbing. This method of attaching the pads works well, though threading the webbing under the tailgate can be difficult, and there is always excess webbing left loose in your truck bed or hanging out from under your tailgate. For securing the bikes on the pads, loop straps were included with each of the pads we tested.

Once strapped down, these straps prevent the bikes from moving, reducing unwanted contact between the bikes and preventing them from flopping around when the road gets rough or you’re driving your truck like a rally car. The bike straps on three of the models, the Dakine DLX Pickup Pad, Race Face T2 Tailgate Pad, and Yakima Gatekeeper, are either fixed to the pad or secured to the pad’s webbing with an additional velcro tab. This feature keeps the straps from becoming loose or lost, even if they are left open when not in use. Installation is also quite simple. The pad has web cinch straps to keep bikes in place. You simply open your tailgate halfway and place the straps underneath. The straps are then tightened for adjustment. You can complete the entire setup on your own.

Advantages of Using a Tailgate:

  • They are reasonably priced. A tailgate pad costs between $125 and $150 on average.
  • Tailgate bike pads are simple to attach to your tailgate. They are also simple to remove when not in use.
  • These pads are ideal for securing bikes.
  • These are exceptionally strong yet lightweight

How to Choose a Tailgate Pad?

Tailgate Bike Pads primarily consist of thick, foam-filled pads. These pads are designed to fold over the tailgate. Many of them also include additional straps to keep bikes in place. A few of them have bumpers to prevent bikes from colliding. There are numerous options for shipping bikes on your vehicle these days, but if you own a pickup truck, you have the additional option of transporting them safely and securely using a tailgate pad. Tailgate pads are among the least expensive ways to transport multiple bikes if you own a pickup truck, as they typically cost less than half the price of a typical 2-bike hitch-mounted rack and have a larger carrying capacity. LumBuy is very helpful in selecting a tailgate bike pad.