Love wine? Make sure to visit these wineries when you are in New York

Brooklyn, a borough of New York City is home to many wineries. Looking for Brooklyn’s top wine bars? Brooklyn has vineyards, too! Check around before packing your bags to head to Long Island or Upstate for wine country.  It combines liquid relaxation, elegance, and the arts. Thankfully for residents of New York’s finest borough, Brooklyn wineries offer palatable wines with all of the art and none of the headaches.  Here are some fantastic Brooklyn wine bars and Brooklyn wineries to check out, whether you’re searching for your next date location or just somewhere to grab a delicious glass, or two, or a complete bottle of wine!

Rhodola wine bar:

Would the eco-friendly wine drinkers among us kindly take our seats? This establishment is the one for you among the Brooklyn wine bars. This zero-waste wine venue is the first of its type in the nation. It bases its business concept on sustainability and the love of humanity. To ensure that every sip feels ethical for both people and the environment, Rhodola works with vineyards in Brooklyn and abroad that share their passion for protecting the planet’s natural beauty. These wineries employ minimally invasive agricultural practices.

 The Ten Bells:

In the center of Bushwick is one of Brooklyn’s most architecturally stunning wine bars. The Ten Bells is a natural wine bar in Brooklyn that is open in the late afternoon and into the evening. It’s the ideal location to go on a date or to catch up with friends over natural wine, one of their original cocktails, and tapas. This well-known wine bar has two locations; the first is in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, while the second is in Bushwick.

When it’s time for some relaxation, make plans to spend an evening with loved ones at the Red Hook Winery as not all Brooklyn vineyards are conveniently located next to the ocean.

Red Hook Winery:

At Red Hook Winery, unwind by the water while enjoying delicious recent discoveries while taking in views of the Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan skyline. This calm location invites guests to indulge in small meals while they take in the setting sun and ocean waves and exudes an almost bucolic ambiance. Red Hook Winery works with many surrounding vineyards in New York State, even though they don’t have a vineyard in Brooklyn close to their facilities. Visitors can enter the tasting room for $25.00 or $35.00 for groups of 2-4 and 5-10, respectively.

Black Mountain Wine House:

Imagine climbing a beautiful mountaintop in the lovely, mild autumn chill to reach a cozy Adirondacks mountain cabin where you may have a steaming cup of hot cocoa. You can get that experience in a wine bar in Brooklyn. It certainly feels that way when you relax at Black Mountain Wine House, which boasts a cozy Adirondack-style atmosphere. A traditional fireplace provides the ideal ambiance for a romantic date or a late-night reunion of friends during the chilly winters in New York City.


This warm and inviting addition to the Brooklyn wine bar scene offers wines made by women, as suggested by its smart moniker. Although many of their wonderful selections come from American and South American vineyards, the majority of their wines are imported from Europe. Winemak’her offers an exquisite menu of premium cheeses and charcuterie to go with the rich flavors of ruby red wines and crisp champagnes, much like any reputable wine bistro.


Make sure to visit these wineries when you are in Brooklyn, New York. Their substantial features and offers can’t be denied. Hope so, you also agree with the fact that Brooklyn is truly a home to wineries after reading this article.