Overnight Desert Safari -A Fun-filled

Visiting Dubai for holidays means you are open to super exotic opportunities for adventures. Its conservation reserve in this aspect lies in the top must-try tourist destination in Dubai. If you are planning a trip to Dubai with family or a group of friends, then an overnight expedition to a desert safari Dubai is a must-try. It offers endless bounties to the night campers for good eighteen hours.

Want to know what you’ll get in a night’s stay at a desert safari? Read the following text that explains why you should go for a night expenditure at the Arabian dunes.

An Exotic Camping Experience at Desert Safari

1.  Camping at Night

The ultimate zealous happening that brings the backpacker to the dunes is camping. Camping is known to give the wanderer, a nomadic vibe that every adventure freak would love to try. Stay in the traditional-themed Bedouin camps with your family. Or pitch your own with the colourful tents and sleeping bags and spend a sleepless night with your squad. In both cases, you’ll be overwhelmed with the tribal lifestyle adaptation of the Bedouins.

2.    Meet the Thrill

The golden arena of desert safari is brimmed with SUVs. Dune bashing, quad biking, fat bicycling, and sandboarding. These are the enthralling sand sports you’ll encounter at the Arabian dunes. Crossed the high bumps of the dunes in a hummer, land cruiser, or buggy while dune bashing. Acquire a dare-devil aura by drifting over the fat bicycle. Sandboarding and camel riding are also super amusing activities on the terrain of Dubai.

3.  BBQ and Buffet

After the crazy sand activities, the madcaps arrive at the campsite to the lustrous BBQ and buffet stalls. Take multiple refills of chilled soft drinks that are available free and unlimited. There are many Arabian and international cuisines you’ll see at the buffet that is so tempting. Enjoy the sips of Arabian coffee along with dates. Tea is also served for the guests to keep them incited.

4. Live Stage Performances

The night stage of art and dance sets in the middle of the terrain to entertain its guests. The captivating cultural dance forms and artistic depiction is presented by Arabian artists. Humm over the magical spin of colourful attired Tanura dancers. The stunning fire show amazes everyone with the fiery moves of stuntmen. The belly dancers also entertain the audience with their stunning belly moves. These performances are only showcased after the sundown.

5. From Dusk till Dawn

Desert safari is an exquisite region on earth with its one-of-a-kind comeliness. The golden dunes glow in the indigo of night while turning red when the sun is up. From spotting the shooting stars to welcoming new dawn, this archaic landscape reflects serenity all the time.


The bareness of Dubai offers endless extravagances to its transients. From cuddling in the golden sand during. sand sports to waking up to the sunrise, your jaunting to a night stay here would be worth it. Camping at this archaic land of nomads ends with a morning breakfast. Afterwards, you are dropped off at your home or hotel in a 4×4. Step ahead to submerge your feet in the infinite sand ocean and live an unforgettable night camping experience in the middle of nowhere.