Don’t Miss It, Pack Yourself with These Universal Studio Singapore Rides

What comes first in your mind when you want to take some thrilling yet fun activities at the same time? You must be thinking about a theme park. Yes, there are many famous theme parks in the world, one of them is Universal Studio Singapore.

Located in Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) on Sentosa Island of Singapore, this famous indoor theme park brings you much entertainment from rides, attractions, and other fun activities to do. 

Universal Studio Singapore will give you the best experience from the rides inspired by their famous movies or shows. You can feel the excitement of the movies and shows combined with the playful yet wonderful rides.

So, what’s on it? Don’t miss it and pack yourself to know the list! Before that, you can find a Universal Studios Singapore voucher via Traveloka!

Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase

Who does not like Sesame Street? Elmo and his friends for sure have many fans around the world. By having this Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase, you can join Elmo and Super Grover 2.0.

In this ride, you will team up with Elmo to defeat Macaroni the Merciless, a selfish intergalactic villain who wants to steal all the spaghetti from Earth. One thing you must do is to return the stolen spaghetti and stop the evil Macaroni and his companions at all costs and enjoy this high-flying adventure with all of your favorite Sesame Street Characters.

Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure™

How does it feel to get chased and terrorized by Dinosaurs? You must try these rides. Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure™ will bring you a real experience in front of your face of a water raft system with animatronics and a thrilling white water drop.

Get yourself wet and prepare to face the famous T-Rex on this ride. As a thrill-seeker, these rides will give you the best experience, so, just don’t miss it.

Revenge of the Mummy™

Feel the experiences from the movie itself, Revenge of the Mummy™ brings you enjoyable and scary experiences at one time. Get yourself packed and ready to ride this high-speed roller coaster with sudden and dramatic acceleration.

You will be guaranteed the thrilling experiences with the sensation that come from climbing, tilting, dropping, and backward motion from the coaster.

Only for the brave, can you survive the awesome power of Imhotep or will you be entombed inside forever? We’ll see.

TRANSFORMERS the Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle

Feeling to team up with the famous Optimus Prime? You can enjoy it on Universal Studio Singapore on TRANSFORMERS The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle.

You will be the chosen one to finish the mission and fight the Decepticons that want to steal the Allspark. Together with Autobots, you must go through adventures in hyper-realistic 3D by racing in the city, tunnels, or rooftops. Surely, Optimus and Autobots will wait for you to come to this ride.

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