private cabin restaurant in  Bahraich.

An alpine retreat might be ideal if you’re looking for a luxury vacation away from the everyday grind. These retreats offer breathtaking views and a peaceful setting for rest and renewal because they are hidden in India’s tranquil hills. But if you’re a foodie looking for a private dining venue with a unique idea, think about a mountain retreat with a private cabin restaurant in  Bahraich.

Romantic Dinners

Our cosy dining room is ideal for a special supper with your partner. The seclusion and stunning vistas will create the atmosphere. You can design a special dinner for two using our customisable experiences.

Small Groups

Our dining room can accommodate 12 people, making it perfect for special occasions or work gatherings. You can design a unique dining experience based on your tastes. Your party will enjoy a memorable meal with attentive service and stunning views.

Private Cabin Restaurant in Bahraich

Located in India’s northern state of Uttar Pradesh, Bahraich is a charming metropolis. Several private cabin eateries provide a unique, intimate dining experience with stunning mountain views. Some of Bahrain’s top eateries with private cabins are listed below:

Bandhan Cottage Restaurant

In the centre of Bahraich, the Bandhan Cottage Restaurant provides a cosy and private eating environment. The comfortable cottage where the restaurant is located has a patio with a broad view of the mountains. The menu offers vegetarian and non-vegetarian options and Indian and foreign dishes.

UP 40 Restaurant

In Bahraich, the UP 40 Restaurant is a hidden treasure that provides an exceptional dining experience. The eatery is in a private cabin and offers a sizable outdoor terrace with breathtaking mountain views. The menu offers a variety of traditional Indian dishes made with fresh, regional products.

The Nature View Cafe and Restaurant

The Nature View Restaurant and Cafe is about taking in Bahraich’s natural beauty while indulging in delectable cuisine, as the name implies. The eatery has a tranquil atmosphere and a view of the mountains, located in a private cabin. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian options are on the menu, including Indian and international cuisine.

BackHouse Restaurant at Regency

BackHouse Restaurant at Regency is a must-visit for foodies looking for a private culinary escape with a view. A large terrace with a sweeping view of the mountains is, housed in a private cabin at the eatery. The menu features a range of international dishes prepared using fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Aashirvad Family Restaurant

In a private cabin in Bahraich, the cosy and welcoming Aashirvad Family eatery is located. The restaurant has a terrace with a gorgeous view of the mountains, making it ideal for a special meal with your loved one or a large family. Indian and Chinese dishes are among the vegetarian and non-vegetarian choices on the menu.

Our Intimate Dining Room, Perfect for Romantic Dinners and Small Groups

At our mountain retreat, we understand that dining is not just about the food, ambience, and experience. We have created an intimate dining room perfect for romantic dinners and small groups. Here are some of the features of our private dining room:

Parts of Our Intimate Dining Room

1. Private Setting

Our eating area is in a remote cabin, offering a private and cosy ambience for your dining experience. This enables you to appreciate the present and your meal without interruptions fully.

2. Breathtaking Views

Large windows in the dining area provide a breathtaking view of the mountains. This offers a lovely setting for your meal and fosters serenity and tranquilly.

3. A Personalized Experience

We are aware that everyone has distinct tastes and preferences. We provide customisable dining experiences to meet your requirements because of this. We can adjust the dining area to your needs, whether you prefer a fun group gathering or a romantic candlelit meal.

4. Individualized Service

Our team is committed to offering individualised and attentive service. We are here to make your dining experience unforgettable, from assisting you in selecting the ideal wine to guaranteeing that every dish is perfectly prepared.


In our cosy dining room at our mountain retreat, we provide a unique and memorable dining experience. Whether you’re organising a private dinner for two or a small group event, our intimate setting, breathtaking views, customisable backgrounds, and individualised service will surely exceed your expectations. Therefore, book your cabin and prepare for a culinary adventure in our inviting dining area.