Pros and cons of mobile game

Video games have always been popular among all age groups but especially among kids and youth. The player accomplishes a certain task or mission to go next level. Like in some airline manager games are complex to use, as it takes huge data to download on mobile. Games have always been controversial for parents because of concern that sometimes it shows adult and violent content. Besides this some good games are also available for kids related to their education. Also professional apps are available for learning. Games affect our daily lifestyle too. 

Let us learn about some pros and cons which are given below:-


Problem-solving and inquisitive skills

Play stores have different types of mobile games for kids to grow their problem-solving and analytical skills.

Team spirit

If looking for the best Android games with friends with millions of options. Multiplayer online gaming also allows you to partner in the game, with teamwork it’s easy to crack riddles or stages whether it’s a quest or a mission.

Behavior improvement

Applying your empirical skills, communicating with your co-players, and leading the team where incorporating skills will improve your behavior. You can make a strategy with your team members and get ideas to solve the problem or accomplish the task.

Better response to stimulus

From kids to adults, everyone experiences the positive effects of mobile games. Some of the oldest and some are the best android games like call of duty, candy crush, etc., they make your mental exercise your brain.

Espouser Booster

Games are the best way for kids to have to learn new words, while playing they learn new sentences and make good vocabulary.



Gaming too often is more likely to drain the battery of your mobile, when we connected to an online game that time duration mobile battery down turn your phone due to heavy loading.


If you are not aware of the drawback of games one of the most drawbacks in such games application while you download them on mobile. It takes so much disk space and keeps clogging and hanging the phone too much When u play heavy data online games.


These days game developers follow a strategy that gives free advertising in between games, for removing this type of adverse or upgrading the game you need to purchase the premium or pay for upgrading this game.

Overheating Phone

HD Graphic and animation games are too hard to handle for a mobile device if in case you download it on your phone it starts to hang or starts to heat too much loading of this game. Later on, the phone is starting to turn down fatly. Meanwhile, game configuration starts to mismatch in your phone.


Kids get easily distracted by these games because they don’t focus on their studies and give less attentive at home.

Violence behavior

Android games are an easy way to activate violent behavior in kids while playing games related to action especially.


It’s important to know the pros and cons of it. Some people have concerns about its content, while others are not concerned about it. Some people are also concerned about the impact of gaming on children’s minds and their health. So for keeping it in a better way you can make a proper for playing games. And don’t play any game for too long otherwise you will become addicted to that game. Do some other activities too in your daily life.