Reasons Why People Eat Pineapple Tart on CNY

Chinese New Year is one of the most celebrated events based on the Lunar Calendar. This event comes between Mid-January to February according to the motion of the Moon. Like other events, it has great importance for Chinese people living all around the globe.

That is why it is celebrated all over the world instead of in the country only. This event also has traditions related to it and people love to celebrate this event according to them. One of the most popular traditions is the selection of meals for this particular event.

It is a custom that people love to eat a Pineapple Tart during this time. There are different reasons at the back of this tradition. In this blog, we will show you what are those reasons and why this snack is getting popular during the Chinese New Year.

Why do people eat Pineapple tarts during CNY?

The Chinese language has multiple branches in which different words have different meanings. In Hokkien and Cantonese, Pineapple is called “Ong Lai” which means “Fortune Coming”. It represents that the coming time will be full of prosperity.

Everyone living in China knows that prosperity representation is the only aim at this time. During the celebration of CNY, people only aim to show that they are prospering and looking for good times to come.

For this reason, they adopt different techniques to celebrate this event through decoration, eating special foods, and visiting their friends. In short, they only look for good times and send best wishes to everyone on this special event.

That is the main reason Pineapple tarts have a resemblance with their goal which makes it a good cookie to pick in this regard. Everyone eats this cookie even a single one to show that he is also a part of this tradition.

What types of pineapple tarts are popular?

Till now, you have learned why Pineapple tarts are more famous than other cookies. It is one of the most liked and eaten snacks at this time. Even CNY almond cookies are far behind that this particular snack because of their resemblance with their concept of prosperity.

But it is also important to know about some particular snack types made with this. Let us show you some famous snacks prepared with pineapple jam/tart.

Pineapple balls

These are small balls a size of a golf ball with a filling of Pineapple jam. It has a pastry-like shape with a leaf pattern cross section on the top. This snack is used widely in China and other countries because of its delicious taste and special size.

People who have some health hazards can also eat them during this event. Because of its small size, it won’t affect the health of diabetes patients as well as of others who are allergic to with material.

Open Faced Tarts

This snack is available in a cupcake form with an open face from the upper part. In open-faced tarts, the pineapple jam is filled inside the snack. It has a unique taste of butter because of the materials used for preparing this specific type of tart.

You can eat this open-faced tart from any side. But the best taste you will get is if you will eat the jam first and then the remaining part of the pastry. It will be a good combination because you will be able to taste sweet and crispy at the same time.

Pineapple Rolls

In this type of snack, the pineapple jam is filled inside a strip having both ends opened. It is like other rolls that we eat in our normal routine. The only thing that makes it tasty and special is the jam which is used as its filling.

The cylindrical appearance of this roll makes it more appealing. In addition to jam, the material used to wrap the jam makes it more delicious.

Who is making the best tarts in Singapore?

Pineapple tarts are prepared by different kitchens all over the world. It is hard to choose the best one when you have too many to compare with each other. For example, if you are looking for a place for this snack in Singapore, you will find it hard because of multiple restaurants working in the field.

All of those claims to be the best but you can’t rely on any place because it is a matter of CNY. To make the selection process easier in Singapore, we have analyzed multiple restaurants preparing this particular snack. We have found Bread Garden better than others because of their services.

The most important factor is the preparation method which makes it a better and good choice as compared to others. This restaurant offers a Pineapple tart made with natural ingredients instead of artificial color involvement.

Along with this, the snacks are prepared by following traditional recipes to make them perfect in taste. It is right to say that you will enjoy the best taste which people are experiencing in China.


In the above blog, we have discussed comprehensively Pineapple tarts. From our blog, you must have understood the different types of tarts that you can take for CNY at your home. We have also mentioned the best place to visit for this purpose.

Now, you can choose your desired type of tart and enjoy this event with your family members. You can also use this snack to present as a gift to your friends at this special event.