Sandakphu Trek Travelogue


Nature has always been a fascinating thing for me and I have been someone who loved observing the wonders and beauty of nature. I loved capturing the small details of nature be it sunsets, plants, or birds feeding their young ones. Once while going through a tourism page I came to know about the Sandakphu range which looked absolutely stunning with the snow-clad peaks faintly lit with the morning sun rays. That was the day I was determined to go on a solo trip to the range and immerse myself in its beauty

After speaking to many of my friends I came to know about the page of Thrillophilia which offers this trekking trip to Sandakphu. I went into details about the trip on the website of Thrillophilia, the itinerary pages, and the packages which impressed me a lot due to its affordable price ranges. After I was fully satisfied with the Thrillophilia reviews, I went on to book the package with Thrillophilia and finally went on to complete my long-time dream journey which I have described below.

What I Liked About Sandakphu Phalut Trek

  1. The views

The views of the Sandakphu Phalut trek were really a visual delight for me be it the snow mountain peaks, forest ranges, and sunset views and everything was unforgettable for me.

  • Indo-Nepal Border

While on the journey I got a chance to witness the International Indo-Nepal border which was a unique experience for me.

  • Samanden and Gorkhey villages

The villages of Samanden and Gorkhey offer some most stunning and blissful pictures of the mountainous ranges and the simple living of the village area impressed me a lot. The bamboo forest, village huts and farms, and pine trees were really new and exciting for me to watch out for.

Sandakphu Phalut Trek in Winter

Well, I visited the Sandakphu Phalut range in the winter because I wanted to experience the snowfall in the mountain peaks. The best thing about here is that the snowfall was quite mild and it didn’t block the paths which made it easier for me to continue the trekking journey. But the air throughout was completely chilled and even gave frostbites to some of the other fellow trekkers. The temperature at night fell below zero degrees sometimes and I had to cover myself with layers of warm clothes and survive on tea and coffee. Amid all the difficulties I was well determined to complete my dream journey and achieve this feat for myself. Winters in the Sandakphu Phalut range were extremely beautiful with snow all around faintly painted orange with the morning sunrise. It was a bit easy to trek during the day bcoz of the sun rays but I had to halt my trip before the start of dusk or else it might be dangerous to proceed along the steep heights. The sunrise and sunset views at Sandakphu were beyond words and these serene views of nature never fail to impress me. Overall it was a journey full of highs and lows for me but the feeling when I climbed on the peak was overwhelming and it’s a memory that  I will always keep close to myself.

I thank the entire team of Thrillophilia for this excellent trekking tour to Sandakphu, which totally justifies the positive reviews I had gone through before booking this tour.

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What to Pack for Sandakphu Trek?

Since I went during the winter seasons I had to pack a lot of winter clothes like

Gloves, Woollen caps, long jackets, Longwool hiking socks, waterproof padded jackets, scarves, hiking pants, multiple shirts, thermal tights,suncaps, ski goggles.

Additionally, I also packed first aid kits, energy snacks, water, sanitizers, maps, and water purification tablets.

Important Information:


Difficulty level:Moderate

Duration:7 days Best Time:September to December