Things to do in Narkanda, Himachal Pradesh

Do you desperately want to take a trip to the mountains and feel closer to nature? Well, Narkanda is one such place in Himachal Pradesh where you can plan your next trip and experience the untouched beauty of the Himalayas. Narkanda is a calm and beautiful town in the foothills of the Himalayas. You can visit this place for its spectacular views, sprawling orchards of apples, dense forests of oaks and cedar, and untouched natural surroundings. This offbeat destination in Himachal Pradesh is truly a place for nature lovers who want to enjoy the refreshing ambiance. You can enjoy the wilderness of this place as well as the luxuries in the best Narkanda hotels

Where is Narkanda situated?

Narkanda is a small town located in the district of Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. It’s situated at an average elevation of 2621 meters and is surrounded by the majestic mountains of the Shivalik ranges. Narkanda is 65 km away from Shimla on the NH 22, Old Hindustan-Tibet Road. This town began to rise after the construction of the Hindustan-Tibet Road in 1850. Narkanda came into notice and flourished because it is situated on the highest point of this road between Shimla and the river valley of the Satluj. Also, the sudden increase in the production of apples here contributed to the strong economy of this town. 

This hidden gem in Dev Bhoomi surprises travelers with its alluring landscape and serene ambiance. You can plan a vacation in Narkanda Himachal Pradesh and fall in love with its mystic beauty. It is a place that offers numerous interesting expeditions such as skiing sites during winters and the mesmerizing lakes, & overwhelming meadows. 

Well, if you have plans to visit Himachal Pradesh next time, make sure to visit Narkanda for some fun activities and awesome experiences. There are several places to visit in Narkanda and several fun activities that you can do here to make your journey memorable. You can even find several luxurious Narkanda hotels that will make your trip extraordinary. We are listing interesting things that you can do in the beauty of Narkanda hills, Himachal Pradesh. 

Best things to do in Narkanda, Himachal Pradesh

Narkanda is the winter wonderland of Himachal Pradesh and is known for its eternal beauty. It is a smaller yet beautiful tourist destination which is worth a visit. Anyone planning their trip to Narkanda, Himachal Pradesh can enjoy skiing spots, majestic views of the snow-capped Himalayas and beautiful apple orchards, etc. You can also enjoy doing unique fun activities, going to different places and religious temples in Narkanda. We have listed few activities that you can do in Narkanda and around – 

  • Skiing – Narkanda is located at a height of 2708 meters and is a popular spot for all winter sports including skiing. The slopes at Narkanda are smooth and perfect for skiing from any level. This adventure sport in Narkanda started back in 1980 and ever since then, HPDC has been conducting comprehensive skiing courses every year. The most popular spot here for skiing among tourists is the Hatu Peak at 2000 meters. For enjoying the mesmerizing views of shining snow-capped Himalayan ranges while skiing one should visit this place once. 
  • Stargazing – Being a small town in Himachal Pradesh, Narkanda is less populated and is free from pollution as well. The sky here is clear all the time and especially at nights, one can sit and gaze for hours. Travelers who want to camp out in the open area in the midst of the tall mountain ranges and clear sky can enjoy this place. You can capture the magnificent view of stars in the pollution-free sky in Narkanda. 
  • Bird watching – Narkanda is home to several species of birds that are native or migrated from neighboring countries. This town is a dreamland for all the birdwatchers who want to spot exotic species of birds including Indian Blue Robin, Large hawk cuckoo, Yellow Grosbeak, and greenish & lemon-rumped warbler, etc. So, next time whenever you are visiting this place, do bring your binoculars for spotting the birds from close and sightseeing in Narkanda.  
  • Visit ancient temples – There is a beautiful Mahamaya Temple at Kacheri (10 km away from Narkanda). This temple is dedicated to Goddess Kali. Also, there is one Arya Samaj Mandir which is built in Pahari architectural style by Samuel Stokes (an American who introduced apple farming in India. The Arya Samaj Temple is the most significant place in this location and is just 15 km away from Narkanda. There is another famous temple over here, the Hatu Temple on the Hatu peak. You can visit this temple to witness the breathtaking sceneries and religious atmosphere. 
  • Trekking & Hiking – Trekking and hiking is another exciting activity that is enjoyed by the people visiting Narkanda. In summers, when the land is dry and easy to hike, you can do trekking to the nearby places in Narkanda to capture the beautiful serene view of the Himalayas. There are several long, short, and rigorous trekking options in Narkanda. But the most famous among all the options is the Hatu Peak trek at a height of 3400 meters. The Jalori Pass trek also begins from Narkanda and goes northwest over the Jalori pass in the Seraj region. For this trek, you can arrive at Ani village by bus or jeep from Luhri in the Sutlej valley below Narkanda. In Narkanda, you will find many trekking equipment, snacks, beverages that will support you throughout. 
  • Horse riding – If you someone who is not comfortable trekking, then you can always go for the horse riding option here in Narkanda. Horse riding on the uneven terrain in this place is a must-to-do thing. You can easily climb to Hatu Hill on horseback safely while witnessing the views of the dense forest and apple orchards on either side. A trained instructor will always accompany you during horse riding for your complete safety. 

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Tourist Places to visit in Narkanda 

Here are few Narkanda tourist places that one must visit for a memorable experience – 

  • Hatu Peak and Hatu Temple – At an elevation of around 11,150 feet above sea level is the Hatu Peak in Narkanda. It is one of the highest places to visit over there. The 360-degree landscape from the tip of this peak is quite refreshing and rewarding for the people who have trekked all the way long. And between beautiful apple and oak trees, there is a wooden temple made from wooden bands and Chinese-style carvings named Hatu temple. This temple is dedicated to Mandodari (wife of King Ravana). Also, it is believed that this is the place where the Pandavas cooked their meals during their exile period. You can also find the Bheem-Chulha – the two hearthstones near the Hatu Temple. The Hatu Peak and the temple are the most frequently visited places in Narkanda. 
  • Stokes Farms – The Stokes Farms is located around 14 km ahead of Narkanda, in a village called Thanedar. This farm is known for its wide-scale apple production and it was established by Samuel Satyaanand Stokes. Apart from its large-scale Apple production, the Stokes Farm also employs locals with sowing and reaping work and for making wine, jam, and other sub-products. 
  • Mahamaya Temple – This temple is situated around 1810 meters above sea level in Kacheri. The Mahamaya Temple is an ancient shrine of Goddess Kali. You can reach the Mahamaya Temple by driving 7 km past Narkanda on NH-22. People who are looking for places with meditative vibes can visit this temple. 
  • Tanni Jubbar Lake – Tanni Jubbar Lake is one of the offbeat locations in Narkanda. This is a peaceful artificial lake that lies near Naag Devta Temple (a shrine dedicated to the God of Snakes). Photographers and peace-seekers can visit this lake for enjoying the attractive foliage all around. You can also go for a boating tour in Tanni Jubbar Lake and enjoy the pleasant Narkanda temperature with your loved ones. 

Are you planning your next trip to Narkanda hill, Himachal Pradesh? 

If you are tired of your routine life and want a refreshing change soon, then visiting Narkanda can be the best option for you. There are a lot of activities for every individual and places to visit in Narkanda. You can visit this place alone, or with your family, partner, or friends. 

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