Top 10 Amazing Places to Visit in Coorg

Iruppu waterfall

A hypnotizing vacation destination in Coorg is the astonishing Iruppu Falls. This beguiling fall is otherwise called the Lakshmana Tirtha Falls, frequented by ardent globe-trotters and shutterbugs, and is extraordinary compared to another cascade in Coorg. The new watercourse falling on the territories in the rich greenery is enthralling for the eyes, ideal for devoted nature buffs.

The Brahmagiri Scope of Kodagu houses the enchanted Iruppu falls, which is said to hold the ability to eradicate one’s sins. Because of its strict foundation, lovers run to this excellent sight to wash in its freshwaters. Nonetheless, Iruppu falls’ spouting waters matched with the various sanctuaries encompassing it, will undoubtedly make any guest experience passionate feelings for its area.

Convent Falls

Nature’s most grand abundance stands tall at 70 feet, in Coorg, Karnataka. A hazy involvement with Coorg is the entrancing Nunnery Falls. In espresso manors, it has pleasant perspectives sure to blow your mind. The falls are settled between immaculate valleys with the expanding fragrance of espresso ranches. This colorful area with its chill breeze and lavish greenery and rich aroma is a pleasure for the faculties.

The smell of new espresso beans being developed interlaced with the sound of raindrops in the storm season adds to the everlasting magnificence of this hideaway. Simply a short 10 kilometers from Madikeri, this escape is effectively available by street transport. Be it with family or companions; Monastery Falls will furnish you with ecstatic calm, backing your metropolitan anxieties away!


A short drive from Convent Falls uncovers one more one of Coorg’s shrouded attractions-Mandalpatti. With Mandalpatti’s ideal journeying landscape and encompassing vegetation, it is each thrill seeker’s little glimpse of heaven. The ride to Mandalpatti is a panoramic detour for devoted Bangalorean bikers and fills in as the ideal material for ageless photos. Choose a Coorg trip package for exploring the best places.

Mandalpatti offers quieting disengagement to its guests, as opposed to the busier traveler-filled areas of Coorg.

Kote Betta

A huge story of the Mahabharata is said to have unfurled in Kotebetta’s delicious green terrains. The Pandavas were supposed to have spent their outcast in this reach, presently involved by sections of land of espresso homes and zest manors. Kotebetta is the go-to spot for journeying, climbing, outdoors, and other experience energized exercises.

The fauna that runs through the walkways of this lavish green living space incorporates groups of elephants, civets, and mongoose. A long way from the city’s contamination, a late-night journey at Kotebetta permits explorers the chance to see the brilliant night sky, making an impermanent air pocket of harmony and excellence for its guests.


The adventurer’s heaven: Brahmagiri slope is a safe-haven that covers a zone of 181 KM. The Thirunelli sanctuary and the Iruppu falls lie in the green forests in transit to this journeying area. This confined excellence of nature offers thrill-seekers a chance to look at amazing greenery and undisturbed wild.

One can likewise invest their energy engaging in exercises, for example, bird-watching, natural life photography, and outdoors, alongside journeying. The ridge permits voyagers to take in the excellence of the Kodagu Locale while being encircled by foggy mists. Close to the Brahmagiri Slopes is the Brahmagiri Untamed life Safe-haven which permits guests the opportunity to spot uncommon types of plants, creatures, and birds.

Coffee Bequests

Coorg is popular for its immense green espresso estates. Espresso domains in Coorg are widely acclaimed, pulling in groups of sightseers from worldwide waters also. The espresso ranches of Coorg are a visual magnum opus as well as the ideal spot to encounter the rich variety of espresso beans and smells.

One can see the unpredictable point-by-point interaction of planting, culling, cooking, and crushing the espresso, and are even given the once in blue moon freedom to enjoy the testing meetings of the unimaginable espresso bean.

Exploit this detached home in the slopes to really re-energize your batteries and disregard the city life however long you can. This lovely spot is acclaimed for the espresso gardens and the wonderful climate.


Nisargadhama is the ideal cookout spot one can uncover at Coorg. It offers travelers an opportunity to escape into an excellent daze encompassed by Kaveri’s quiet waters with its island-like feel. Indeed, even the path towards this area merits the promotion, with excellent transcending bamboo grooves, sandalwood trees, and teak trees.

The hints of the surge of the water combined with the sweet-smelling climate of the track make Nisargadhma a place of refuge for lost spirits. This is one of the strange spots to visit in Coorg for a one-of-a-kind island escape.


A blend of commitment and beautiful magnificence is the Talakaveri in Coorg, suggesting the origination of the waterway Cauvery, quite possibly the most hallowed streams where a little spring of water begins. The water is said to have great recuperating powers for the psyche and body. Aside from being a journey place, Talakaveri has immense common magnificence for your eyes to take in.


In case you’re hoping to get away from the late spring warmth and retreat to the cooler climate of the Madikeri district, at that point go on an excursion from Bangalore to Coorg. Appreciate golf and climbing and staying in a treehouse in Madikeri. The storm pulls in individuals who love to get doused by the downpours. During the outing, you will meet local ladies wearing their customary splendid saris and men with long covers and a sort of fold-over.

Honnamana Lake

Situated in the Doddamalthe town, this is the biggest lake in Coorg offered with shocking characteristic excellence and is perhaps the best spot to visit in Coorg. This serene lake is encircled by slopes with thick vegetation, espresso manors, and caverns, giving it a magical vibe. When here, one should invest their energy sailing through the thick mangroves.