Top 5 Best Private Cabin Cafe in Delhi for Couples Date

Delhi is the capital city of India. It has been one of the favorite destinations for people from all classes of society. Whether it be professionals or couples, they seem to enjoy this place. In this article, we are going to talk about something other than professionals i.e. couples. Cities have always been one of the best choices for couples and when it comes to Delhi, couples always seem delighted. Be with us for some time as we talk about top 5 best private cabin cafe in Delhi for couples date.

Best cafes that you can opt for in delhi

United Coffee House

Before going further, let us tell you that the Zomato rating of this restaurant is ⅘. It is situated at Inner Circle, Connaught Place (one of the best places in Delhi). United Coffee House has been in the headlines for quite a long time and it has been regarded as one of the most expensive private cafes in this category.

The cocktails and wines which are served here can make your moment even more romantic. The warm surrounding in here is praised by a large number of couples. When it comes to quality of service and other facilities, United Coffee House is totally different and above all.

Cafe Lota

When you are going on a date, the aura of the place matters the most. And there is nothing better than Cafe Lota in this regard. The quality of food, beverages, and snacks is quite high and outstanding here. Apart from this, there is a museum inside this cafe. It gives the couples an opportunity to get into a completely different realm. They can explore nice and unique items while going on with their special conversations.

The restaurant feels far above normal with its special atmosphere. With the best-in-class features and cool vibes, it remains one of the best choices for a large number of couples. Getting here is also easy as it is situated near National Crafts Museum, Pragati maidan. Zomato’s rating of this cafe is 4.1/5.

The Vault Cafe

There is no place in Delhi offering a level of romantic atmosphere as Vault Cafe. Just search for some images of this cafe on the internet and you can see what we are talking about. The music played here is too suitable for this purpose here. You will get a varied range of cocktails and other snacks which are unmatched in quality. It is one of the magnificent places in the entire Delhi. You may book a table in this cafe situated at F 60, second floor, Connaught Place, New Delhi. Enjoy one of the most diverse menus to make your moment memorable. FYI, the zomato rating of this place is 4.9/5.

The Rose Cafe

It is located at West End Marg near Saket Metro Station. The Rose is one of the busiest cafes in Delhi, and it becomes almost impossible to find a spot here on weekends. People looking for cafes with private cabins should not miss out on this one. The internet speed is also nice here which enhances the utility of this place further. It provides really tasty shakes and ice teas. It should be right on your list as it has a zomato rating of 4.5 out of 5.

Kitchen Cafe Rooftop

Kitchen Cafe Rooftop is situated at 5043, Main Bazaar Road, New Delhi. With a Zomato rating of 4.7 out of 5, it provides one of the tastiest coffees in the restaurants of this category. It has become one of the best places to hang out especially for couples. A menu too broad and an extreme level of hospitality attracts a large number of couples here.

Final words

The list of top 5 best private cabin cafes in Delhi for couples dates ends here. Try one of these and see whether they match your expectations.