Top 5 best private cabin café in Goa for couples date.

People love to spend some time together. Especially in a time like this when the majority of people is so busy in their job that they hardly find enough time to do almost anything. In a situation like this, when a person finds some time to spend with a special one, there is no chance of wasting even a minute.

So, how are they supposed to get to the best restaurant in the city? Well, this article is intended to help you a lot in this matter. Here, we are going to talk about the top 5 best private cabin café in Goa for couples date. As people are often confused about the opinions of others and this is the main reason why they are unable to find something good in time.

But we planned to do a bit of research on this topic and we did. Then we came with a list of the best restaurants in Goa. Our list has been made based on the opinions of a large number of people. We compiled all those opinions/reviews and then had a look at the demands of people. Then, a final list was made so that it would fit in for a large number of people. Let us have a look at it and see whether the list proves fruitful to you.

The list of restaurants that you should visit when you are here

Now you are aware of the general mindset of those people, read this list of restaurants and make your final choice to spend meaningful time with someone. Let us start the list without further delay.

Shivers Garden Restaurant

This place has been made for romantic couples. Shivers garden, apart from being romantic, offers a quality of food that is suitable for only those who know about the importance of taste. The food available here is so delicious that people indulge in it completely. There are arrangements for a special cocktail dinner offering a karaoke singing facility as well. It is definitely a place worth visiting if you are with someone special.


The la carte menu available here is so wide in variety that it offers something special for almost all the people available here. Even if you are alone, this restaurant has the ability to give you an enhanced feeling of a relaxed mind. There are several other features as well like you can go to the bar or have a drink at the poolside bar.


This is quite a big name when it comes to the best restaurant in Goa. There are several other features that make it one of the most wonderful. The coffee shop available here is open 24 hours so you can come here and hangout anytime you want. Speaking of the restaurant, which offers premium quality food including Asian, Chinese, Italian, Indian, and other international cuisines.

Spice Traders

Spice Traders is known for offering meals that are unforgettable in terms of their taste and quality. It is available with premium interiors, open-roof dining facilities, and other facilities. You can have a look at the beautiful Arabian sea while enjoying your food here.


Ida is a restaurant with its own class. There is nothing that you can find that matches the level of Ida. It is widely popular for offering Portuguese and other best European cuisines. Whether it be the food, the dishes, the hand-made cocktails, everything that you find here makes it one of its kind.

Final words

This article was intended to help you with some knowledge about top 5 best private cabin café in Goa for couples date. This list was made in a way to suit the demands of people from different classes of society. We hope you find this article to be useful enough. Let us know about your experience based on this suggestion through your feedbacks.