Top 5 Best Private Cabin Cafe in Roorkee for Couples Date

Life is not always the same. It is very random in nature at least on many occasions. People keep on doing things as the situation demands but sometimes, they want to spend some time in a very special way when they are with someone else. Yes, we are talking about couples dating. And if you happen to be in Roorkee right now, this article is made just for you. Here, we are going to talk about the top 5 best private cabin cafes in Roorkee for couples’ dates. Let us have a look at this list and see which one suits you the best.


Fuzion is the first name in this category. It is special in many ways. The first thing is its convenient location i.e. 22, Civil lines near Century gate, IIT Roorkee. Even those who are new to this city can visit this location very easily. It is a place with a nice ambiance. The service and infrastructure are quite inviting here. If you are with someone special, it is a place worth dining. The cuisine ranges from Indian to Chinese and continental.

Olive restaurant

This is one of the best multi-cuisine restaurants you can find in Roorkee. It might be one of the most accessible options for you because of the location. The Olive restaurant is at 273/2 civil lines, near central bank, Roorkee. Most of the cuisine here is based on an Indian theme but you will find this place quite unique if you want to spend some time. The interior is quite soothing and can give you a memorable experience.

Pi Restaurant and Bar

The location of this restaurant gives it an edge over the other options. Situated right at Entertainment Hub, Delhi-Haridwar road, Roorkee, it serves as one of the best options for couples to have a moment. It is an absolute one if you enjoy vegetarian-friendly food items. A wide range of cuisine options is available here like Chinese, Asian, Italian, Indian, etc. The place is amazing with outstanding ambiance and the ultimate quality of food. Apart from that, Pi restaurant is famous for its hygienic way of management.

You can visit here even for evening snacks which is a superb way of transforming a normal evening into a special one. This place is just too pleasant to have a moment with someone special.

Rustic house

It lies near the Olive restaurant on 77/2 civil lines, Roorkee. The restaurant has been designed in a way to give you an outstanding feeling of pleasure. Though there is a crowd here most of the time you can enjoy your time with a certain sense of privacy here, thanks to the interior design of the Rustic house. It is a nice place to explore the world of food it provides Indian, Thai, Chinese, Mexican, Lebanese, and several other popular cuisines from around the world.

The friendly staff in Rustic house add another big advantage to this restaurant. The magnificent lights hanging from the ceiling give you an enhanced sense of romance when you are with someone special.


Situated at 70 civil lines, Roorkee, this is one of the best places you can visit easily. Anyone can come to visit this place as it is situated right at the center of the city. The amazing ambiance at this place can make your evening extraordinary here. It is quite suitable for couples on a date. The food is amazingly tasty to enhance your experience further.

Final words

Though this list mentions some of the best restaurants they can serve as the top 5 best private cabin cafe in Roorkee for couples date. Let us see which one suits you the most.

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