Top 5 Best Private Cabin Café in Saharanpur for Couples’ Date

The lives of people have become so complicated that people are always looking for some time to hang out with others and spend some time peacefully. Spending leisure time is one thing but you need to spend your time at more beautiful places in case you are with someone special. This article is concerned majorly with the top 5 best private cabin café in Saharanpur for couples date. Saharanpur is a city full of rush and it is quite difficult to find a peaceful place here. But we are going to make this process easy for you and get to a proper place in time.


Spice is quite a popular restaurant situated on the Ambala Road Hotel Royal Residency. When you are with someone who likes foods items with a vegetarian theme, this is the best place for you. Spending too much time requires things to engage in. Such an arrangement doesn’t let you get bored at that place. Spice offers you a wide range of cuisines from Indian to Chinese and many others. Visitors have praised the food and hospitality of this restaurant on many occasions.

Patiala Lassi Bar

Patiala Lassi Bar is at Adarsh Hotel Building Railway Road, Saharanpur 247001. We are mentioning this name here because of its specialty. People are always looking for something unique. And when we are with someone, that person may want us to get somewhere special. And the Lassi bar is quite an exotic place for such purposes. Once you get here, you will find a variety of lassi, some of the lassis are served with ice-creams. Though it can’t make you feel as comfortable as the other options we have mentioned so far but it may serve you in quite a unique way.

Buzz Café and Lounge

Situated at the center of the city near Hotel Maharaja, Court Road, Saharanpur, it is highly accessible by almost anyone. Apart from the convenient access, it has several other things to offer. The majority of people who have visited here gave it 5 stars for the service. Apart from getting a variety of drinks and other things, you can arrange a celebration here if you want to make any occasion more special. Seems like it has been designed with a purpose to enhance your experience when you are with someone special.


This is not an ordinary name. Oregano has received 5 stars from a large number of visitors. Situated on Court Road Ahmed Bagh, Gill Colony, Saharanpur, it serves as the best restaurant for couples’ date. Getting here to spend some time will be a highly convenient option for you. It offers almost everything that you may need whether it be a parking facility or luxurious and spacious interiors, etc. Apart from all these, the food here is amazingly tasty. The interiors are enough to provide you some level of privacy as compared to other places in the city. You can keep this place on your list if you want to have a special moment with someone.

The Vintage Kitchen

The Vintage kitchen has become one of the most popular spots for couples right now because it offers something very trendy. Yes, we are talking about fast food. You must be aware of the love for fast foods among the youngsters and this place is just s heaven for them. The exact address of this place is near Health revive clinic, Icici Bank, 22 Bomanji Road, Saharanpur. You will enjoy your time here because the food is just delicious.

Final words

We hope this list serves best when it comes to choosing from the top 5 best private cabin café in Saharanpur for couples date. Let us see which one do you like the most.