Top 5 Reasons to Visit Bordeaux

“Bordeaux” is a name that is well known among the people of this world. One of the most famous French wine brands has the same name as this city in France. Bordeaux is considered the “wine capital” of the world. However, what people don’t realize is that there is more to this city than just things related to wine.

Therefore, before setting out on a journey to this mesmerizing place, you should know the top 5 reasons to do so. Hence, you will know about the bordeaux wine tour along with several other activities that everyone visiting this place should opt for.

Top 5 reasons to visit Bordeaux

The below-mentioned 5 are the chief reasons that none should miss when travelling to Bordeaux. The essential reasons for people visiting here include:

  • Ideal for wine connoisseurs
  • Enjoy the largest reflective pool for people
  • Gaze at Europe’s largest dune
  • Mouth-watering local food
  • Wander around and reach Bordeaux Cathedral

Have a look at these in detail!

1. Bordeaux is heaven for wine aficionados

Bordeaux is famous for the different wineries that produce over 700 million wine bottles annually.  A total of 8000 such wineries are present in this region. However, not all are open to the general public but a vast number offer wine tasting and tours of their facilities. Any wine connoisseur will enjoy such a place.

Apart from this, people can enjoy taking tours of the wine museums such as the La Cite du Vin; it is one of the world’s first museums that people love visiting and learning about wine. Also, exhibits available here are interactive and can engage everyone irrespective of whether the person is a wine aficionado or just a casual wine enjoyer.

2. Jump in the largest reflective pool worldwide

It has been over a decade since Miroir d’Eau was opened to the public. In its initial days, people didn’t even consider taking a dip in this artwork which measures 3,450 square meters. However, with time this notion changed and is now considered to be the best place for spending a hot day. Moreover, it is the ultimate free attraction of this city as one can find salsa parties, musicians performing, and more on any given day.

3. Gaze at Europe’s largest sand dune

Europe’s greatest sand dune is Dune du Pilat. It towers at 110 meters; what makes it ideal is the empty stretches of the beach if anyone is adventurous enough to go down its steep structure.

Furthermore, there is an option of parasailing from Dune du Pilat’s top areas making it a lucrative option for all adventure junkies! Is anyone still wondering is Bordeaux worth visiting? all he/she needs to understand is that there is no other place that can offer such adventure along with wine tastings, great historical culture and more.

4. Mouth-watering local food that you need to taste

Apart from wine, numerous food items are delicious to the last bite. Oysters from Arcachon Bay and foie gras from Aquitane are just two of the most ordered dishes by people visiting here. In addition, you will get delicious chocolates from the south of Bordeaux.

5. Wander around and reach Bordeaux cathedral

After wandering through historic lanes and cobbled roads, one should reach Bordeaux cathedral. It is France’s one of the most breathtakingly stunning cathedrals that were built in the 11th century; also, it is free for people to look around.

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These are the top 5 reasons that make visiting Bordeaux worth every penny. It allows people to enjoy museums, monuments, historical buildings, and more. Thus, your next trip should be to this city if you haven’t been here even once. If you don’t, then you’re missing out on beauties that can be described in mere words!