Top 5 romantic restaurants in Raleigh NC

Raleigh is one of the oldest and fastest-growing cities in the state of North Carolina. The city is rich with history and still flaunts historical Greek revival buildings. The city is extremely planned and is laid on a grid pattern keeping the old Capitol in the center. The city, despite being a planned one and home to a flourishing tech community, is green and full of colors.

The city is packed with historically significant sites like the Capitol building, the museum of history, the experimental railroad, the bell tower, and many more. Indeed, a place to be for the ones with a penchant for historical cities. The food here is diverse and offers cuisines from Africa, Spain, France, the Mediterranean, and America itself. Thus, there are plenty of options to choose from while looking for a romantic dining experience. For food lovers, here’s a list of the top 5 romantic restaurants in Raleigh NC.

Saint Jacques

Saint Jacques in Raleigh NC is known for preserving a part of France in the heart of America. The customers say the French food tasted in Saint Jacques is superior to any other restaurants in the tri-city complex. The restaurant is presently led by Chef Kyle Tears and his wonderful team. And with each serving, they state their passion for authentic French cuisine. The motto is to preserve the French culinary tradition with fresh north Carolinian harvest. The environment is elegant. And despite being part of a shopping center, quiet.

Margaux’s Restaurant

This upscale restaurant is all about good food, and community. The large tables at Margaux’s are placed for specifically this purpose. And unlike most upscale dining experiences, the stringency here is low. There is a wonderful outdoor dining hall. With a rejuvenating environment and natural extravaganza. The best seafood in Raleigh can be tasted here, along with a variety of classic American dishes. Chef Andrew Pettifer and his team of seven are known for serving finesse on a plate, that too at the most reasonable and humble prices.

Fleming’s steakhouse

Fleming’s is one of the premiere steakhouses in the entire North Carolina. The restaurant is known for its cordial hospitality. And a menu full of incredible prime steak dishes. Well-furnished and decorated interiors and wonderful outdoor dining areas make Fleming’s an extraordinary steakhouse. The seafood and plant-based innovative options are also delicious.

OAK steakhouse

This classic American steakhouse is the pride of Raleigh. And serves an extensive menu full of wonderful steaks recipes. North Carolina is famous for its never-ending OAK forests and the OAK steakhouse intends to preserve the vibe by all means. Being located in a prominent part of town, the OAK steakhouse attracts a lot of attention. And the setting is worthy of the same to the very core.


Led by chef A Ray Arias, Rey’s restaurant is one of the leading steakhouses in the entire United States. And the first choice for many, looking for dining or catering services. The homely atmosphere and its special voodoo lounge make it an exceptional steak destination. At Rey’s, it’s all about good food, and being at home. The staff is generous and eager to assist with even mundane things. They value privacy and are equipped with private banquet facilities.