Top 6 Romantic Restaurants in San Diego for Couple Date

San Diego is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. And when you are going there with someone special, it is going to be a heavenly experience. If you get the pictures of beaches in your head while thinking about San Diego, you are missing out on a lot more things. Situated in the city of California, it is one of the first names that come to people’s minds when they think of enjoying their time. Since this article is intended to help the couples, in particular, we will talk about some of the best romantic restaurants in san diego.

There are some things about this city that are liked by a large number of people from around the world. The first specialty of this city lies in its weather. The average temperature is quite favorable all the time as it is never too hot or too cold. In case you like a city with rich history, you are just in heaven. San Diego has a lot of things to offer in terms of history. The settlers of this city were from Spain and Mexico. After at least 100 years of their establishment, San Diego became a part of the US. There are several other historical reasons associated with this amazing city. It houses some of the most important historical buildings of California and it is also called the birthplace of California.

Best romantic restaurants in san diego

When you are with someone who matters to you most, you should be careful enough in choosing the places. In that case, you need much more than the weather and beaches. In order to help you make the journey special, here is a list of some of the best romantic restaurants in san diego.

Baci Restaurant – San Diego

Baci has always been one of the best restaurants in San Diego for locals, as well as, tourists. Apart from being so pleasant to spend your time in, it offers dinners that are loved by all. Baci is heaven for those who love old-fashioned Italian charm. That piece of art is visible in every aspect of this restaurant. You are going to love it if you have visited this city for the first time. Baci should be the first on your list if you want to see the best of San Diego.

Baci is a perfect blend of traditional Italian dishes and modern infrastructure. It primarily serversItalian cuisine and you are going to love it.

Island Prime

Island Prime is referred to as one of the most romantic restaurants in san diego. The best thing about island prime is reachability. It is situated on Harbor Island that is close to the airport. The architecture of this restaurant attracts a large number of tourists. Supported by stilt structures ranging across the bay, dining here feels like you are on a cruise. It offers a wide range of cuisine and it is quite popular for offering diverse cuisines. Some of the most popular ones include seafoods, steaks, etc. Once you step in San Diego, it should be on your list.

Bleu Boheme

It is a prominent French restaurant loved by thousands of people. Its location in Kensington makes it even more popular. Stepping into this restaurant will give you glimpses of old French times. Its interiors are enough to describe several generations of French history. You can’t find a place better than this if you want delicious and affordable French cuisine. Finding cuisine only is not enough what makes it unique is the surroundings they have managed to create. You can never find anything more French than Bleu Boheme in the entire San Diego.


It is situated at Point Loma offering an open-air pastifico that is primarily dedicated to providing freshly-prepared pasta all day. Ask anyone about it and you will get an amazing reply because people have just fallen in love with it. Cesarina houses an 18-foot wine bar right under its extremely high ceilings. A nice and wonderful garden is also there to serve outdoor dining. One thing that we found very cool about this one is the way hundreds of the jars filled with pickled vegetable has been arranged across the wall.

Cesarina is known for preparing simple yet highly delicious pasta that is loved by a large number of people from different parts of the world. Apart from that, the sauces that you get here are par excellence. Never forget to visit this one if you prefer Italian cuisine over the others.

La Bonne

It is one of the best places where you can feel the warmth and charm of the French culture. Every piece of architecture and establishment here is highly inclined towards making it French. Those who are going on a special date can never find something better than this. The tables and chairs of this place are made with high-quality wooden materials that add to the beauty of this place. It is just heaven for those who are more into classic French dishes. Apart from that, you can also find enough options reflecting seasons.

The WineSeller& Brassiere

It has been ranked among the top-10 best restaurants in San Diego for a long time. It is the best place for those wanting to enjoy pure cuisines made from locally grown organic materials. Then you will get the finest wine that can never be found anywhere else in San Diego. It was established in 1988 and has been one of the best in its class since then. It is one of the most popular ones if you want French cuisine with best-in-class wine to finish off.

Final thoughts

We hope this article helped you get familiar with romantic restaurants in san diego. Finding a good one in this category can be quite a difficult task for those who are new to the city, especially when you have to consider several factors other than just cuisine. Go ahead and see which one serves you the best.