top 7 private cabin restaurant in Rohtak

Are you looking for a Private Cabin Restaurant In Rohtak? Then this article is for you. Rohtak is a district in Haryana that is famous for its traditional dishes which you can enjoy in a private cabin restaurant in Rohtak. Rohtak also has the largest cloth market in Asia, along with that it also has the highest number of dairies in India. Rohtak is a great place to visit for its old and antique heritage.

Here are the top 7 private cabin restaurant in Rohtak

1. Choco Restaurant

Choco Restaurant is famous for its private cabin facility, they have the best ambiance in private cabins along with the food they provide. This is a perfect restaurant if you want to visit with your friends and loved ones. A couple-friendly restaurant with privacy. Here you can enjoy quality time with your loved ones. They provide the best service for couples and are highly recommended for couples.

2. Hotel The Diner’s Restaurant & Party Hall

Hotel The Diner’s Restaurant & Party Hall is a family restaurant, here you get the best facility along with a variety of food items. The restaurant is divided into two, one for families and other for the couples, They have the best ambiance, along with private cabins. This restaurant has perfect seating for your loved ones. It also has a party hall along with a food area, here you can enjoy birthday parties, celebrations, and get together. The seating and the staff are well managed along with the AC atmosphere.


This is a family restaurant, they offer a large variety of food and the pricing is very low compared to other restaurants. The dishes are under 200 INR, and it is good to enjoy dinner with your family, friends, and loved ones. Here you get live music along with a stylish rooftop location with greenery where you can enjoy your dinner.

4. tidbit Restaurant

The tidbit Restaurant is a couple-friendly restaurant, they have the best private cabins which are designed in a way for dinner dates. This is the best restaurant where they also have an open area dinner table as well. The tidbit Restaurant also has a pool where you can enjoy pool parties with your friends and loved ones. Private space for couples is provided which makes it so special for couples. They have a couple of dishes and meals and all of them are nice in taste. If you are looking for a restaurant to go on a date then this is the perfect restaurant for you.  

5. The Adhoc House, Rohtak

The Adhoc House restaurant is a place that provides the best in taste and pocket-friendly food and it is a nice place you can visit. The slow music vibe feels so amazing. It is a cafe and restaurant, where you get the best in taste and you can enjoy lunch with your family friends, and loved ones. They offer you the taste of both veg and non-veg dishes, which makes them special. The ambiance of this cafe is so pleasing and they have a great staff service.


THE CLUBHOUSE CAFE is a nice place to spend time with your family, friends, and loved ones. Here you will get the best quality coffee and snacks, the place is budget friendly and they are also offering the newly launched ‘Kulhad pizza’. The ambiance and atmosphere are nice and the place is family-friendly as well. You can visit this place and enjoy lunch with your family, friends, and loved ones.

7. Foodies heaven – Multi Cuisine Restaurant

Foodies heaven – Multi Cuisine Restaurant is a cafe and restaurant. This restaurant offers you a family-friendly ambiance, along with that a number of veg dishes are available in this restaurant. The seating of the restaurant is nicely arranged. This is a nice place to visit with your family friends and loved ones. 


These are the top 7 private cabin restaurants in Rohtak, you can choose the best for yourself according to the food taste and choice of food. There are many similarities between the above-mentioned restaurants but each of them has a different ambiance. You can enjoy lunch and dinner with your loved ones according to your preference.