Top 7 Romantic Restaurants in Houston for Couple Date

Houston is one of the major cities of the United States in many terms. People start thinking about huge oil rigs, and the city full of companies to offer a large number of jobs. But this city is far more than that. Talking of its economic status, this city is the employer of more people than any other single city in the US. But once you start searching more about this city, you will find about a large number of romantic places. In case you are in Houston and want to make your trip worth remembering, here is a list of romantic restaurants in Houston.

Romantic restaurants to try while in Houston

Apart from being a home to a more number of parks than any other city in the US, Houston also offers some of the best restaurants for enthusiastic couples. Have a look at these restaurants and see which one suits you the most.


This restaurant downtown is so elegant that most of the visitors are left amazed. Offering Italian cuisine in its finest and purest form, Potente is also very much popular for its extremely attractive interiors. Once you step inside, you will find it the best representation of modern Italian architecture. It offers ample facilities to boost your mood with high-quality wine and then the never-ending list of Italian cuisine. It is often referred to as one of the most popular steak houses in Houston.

It serves as the best spot for couples having a special date with most of its features inclined to make such people happy. Once you are done with the dinner, it offers some of the best cocktails to finish off your evening.

BCN Taste + Tradition

This one is highly inspired by Barcelona. Some of the features that make it one of a kind include the exceptionally long list of wines, anchovies of the most premium quality, desserts that can remind you of the old Catalan culture. Every dish that you get here is completely filled with Spanish taste right from the inside whether it be grilled octopus or stuffed quail, etc. BCN which is situated in Montrose is the best place for you to experience the Spanish culture at its best while sitting right in Houston.


This Montrose is also quite exceptional in many ways. It always ranks among the best choices of the locals when it comes to choosing special date night spots. Everything about the cuisine of this restaurant is just amazing be it the delicious milk breads, roasted chicken, or any other thing, you are going to just enjoy it. The interiors have been renovated for the most part. You can still visit it in case you have been there before. The presence of director Sarah Troxwell is enough to make your dining  a lifetime experience.

Doris Metropolitan

It brings diversity into a place where most people are focused on French, Spanish, and Italian cuisine. Doris Metropolitan is one of the best to serve you with nice Israeli cuisine. You can find the taste of the middle east in almost every dish. Meat locker lighted with chandelier, and other such things make it very pleasant for the couples to spend some time here. Whether you are looking for one of the best romantic restaurants in Houston or you want to enjoy the real taste of middle-east, this is one better than anything in Houston. People regard it as the best steak house in the city as it also offers the premium Japanese A5 Wagyu.

Brennan’s of Houston

Once you step into this restaurant, you will be mesmerized by its beauty. Taking your steps into this restaurant, it feels like you have arrived in some royal palace rather than a restaurant. Every piece of furniture here is tiled with expensive stones that add to the beauty and decoration of this place. The indoors are shaded with beautiful lights and get you far away from the humid climate of Houston.

Enough about the beauty and elegance of this place, let us talk a bit about the dinner. It offers some of the best cuisines for dinner, lunch, etc. Above all, there is a very famous one called the Brennan’s brunch, people love it. Dive deeper into the amazingly tasty cuisine in an interior with the highest-possible luxury.

Ouisie’s Table

Talking of the best romantic restaurants in Houston, you can’t ignore this one. Apart from being some of the most premium ones, the warm and cordial welcome that you will see here is above all. Thanks to the Proprietor chief Elouise Adams as she treats every person like they are stepping in a new home. The interiors offer a wide range of facilities to make your date romantic. Whether you are in for breakfast or dinner, this place has the potential to delight your faces with the best-in-class features.


If someone asks you about the height of standard for Italian cuisine, Tony is the right answer. Situated in the Greenway Plaza with fully renovated interiors, it is ready to give you a completely different taste. The interiors are filled with high-class interiors and expensive artworks along with a waterfall. It has a lot more to offer other than just luxurious interiors. Tony is a restaurant with the highest standard of service that is able to provide the finest products from the kitchen.

Apart from offering an exceptionally long menu, it also has a tasting menu from the chef. Once you finish the exceptionally delicious dinner, you can choose from over a thousand wines and cocktails to finish your dinner here. The chocolate soufflé is one of the specialties of this place but it takes some time. Include this special one to your dinner to elevate your experience further.

Final words

This article is intended to help you find romantic restaurants in Houston. We hope it worked well in getting you to the right place without wasting much time. Meanwhile, you will find a large number of other tourist attractions to spend time in here.