Top 9 private cabin Cafe in Minneapolis

Maybe you’re looking to clear your head and escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Maybe you need some time to get away with friends or loved ones. Or perhaps you want an intimate space for creating, thinking, or dreaming. Whatever the reason, you need a quiet spot in the city—and we have your guide. Check out our list of some of the best private cabin cafes in Minneapolis.

1. Hideaway Cabin Bar:

This is it if you’re looking for a cozy, getaway-type space in Minneapolis. Right off the light rail at Prospect Park, the Hideaway cabin is a small cabin cafe with a great vibe and friendly staff. It will feel like you’re going camping, but with a service, a bar stocked with everything you’d need to enjoy a cocktail or glass of wine!

2. Barbette:

Barbette is a beautiful choice for a couple’s getaway. This space is perfect for a special night or weekend with its unique and intimate atmosphere. You can enjoy great food, drink outstanding cocktails and wines, and even play games on the bar’s vintage arcade game system.

3. Aster Cafe:

A charming restaurant with a summer courtyard and skyline views serves sandwiches and flatbreads. They also have an excellent wine and cocktail menu, which you can enjoy in the cafe’s art nouveau-inspired private rooms. As a private cabin in Minneapolis, it is a great place to enjoy and celebrate.

4. Anixter Cabin:

At the top of Anixter is a small one-room cabin with a fantastic view of the city skyline. You can take in the amazing view of Minneapolis at this tiny, private cabin with an incredible shower and beautiful decor. It’s perfect for relaxing and enjoying the city from afar.

5. Alma:

For those who want a private cabin in Minneapolis with an upscale vibe and feel, look no further than The Alma. This modern restaurant and bar surround lush greenery in a residential area. It’s the perfect place for a big party or event. If you come in pairs, you can enjoy the private cabin for two. The space is all yours, and you can order from the whole menu and use the bar.

6. Urban Forage Winery:

Located on a historical grain elevator in the Northeast, this urban winery creates some of the best wines in Minneapolis with its small-batch methods. The main space has an intimate dining room and rustic bar, but you’ll want to head up to the rooftop deck to relax on a warm summer day. In this private cabin in Minneapolis, you can take in the incredible view of the city skyline.

7. French Meadow Cafe & Bluestem Bar:

There are beautiful private cabins in Minneapolis that are housed within beautiful cafes. French Meadow has many spaces perfect for a gathering or special celebration. They are warm and have a great atmosphere, making it easy to enjoy a relaxing meal with friends or loved ones.

It’s the perfect place for a night out or enjoying a romantic dinner under the stars. Please bring your favorite bottle of wine and enjoy it, along with unique cocktails and homemade desserts at the bar.

8. Café and Bar Lurcat:

This light-filled New American restaurant serves refined comfort food on entrees and small dishes. The bar is sleek, clean, and well-staffed—and the service is impeccable. The private room truly makes this a unique space, and it’s an excellent choice for when you want to book your own space at this fantastic restaurant. This cafe is located at 1624 Harmon Pl, Minneapolis, Minn.

9. Starry Night Cafe:

This cozy and welcoming private cabin cafe is the perfect choice for a weekend brunch or dinner party with friends, family, or loved ones. Enjoy a delicious meal in this cozy space with a great view of the city skyline from the windows. You can enjoy dishes like the Brunch Bao Bun and roasted Brussels sprouts. This restaurant is located at 1040 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55401.


Guests, who are looking for a fantastic private cabin cafe in Minneapolis and want to experience being in the city, are suggested by this guide. The places mentioned above show you some of the best private cabin cafes, and I hope that’s your choice.