top private cabin restaurant in Eluru

Are you looking for a Private Cabin Restaurant In Eluru? Then this article is for you. There are some private cabin restaurant in Eluru where you can enjoy 

Several cuisines and delicious dishes with your loved ones. 

Eluru is a city in Andhra Pradesh which for its textiles and leather products which are very famous all over India. This city is also the centre trade location for the products like rice, oil seed, sugar, and tobacco. There are cuisines like Biryani, Sambar, Bhaji, Chilli chicken, Panipuri, Tandoori chicken etc. which are very famous over the city.

Top 6 private cabin restaurants in Eluru

1. The Vintage

The Vintage is an excellent place to hang out with your family. This is a family-friendly restaurant where you are offered a variety of delicious cuisines. It is neat and clean, and the hygiene is perfectly managed. This place will be the right choice if you want a fine dining experience. 

The Vintage has a nice interior and nicely arranged seating for everyone. The ambience of this place is at the top tier, and they have both veg and non-veg dishes in their restaurant. The staff members are friendly and helpful, and at this place, you will find a small party room is also available, so if you are looking for a place to have small parties with your friends, then this place is for you. 

2. Durbar Multicuisine Restaurant

Durbar Multicuisine Restaurant is a multicuisine restaurant with a lovely ambience. Beside the Eluru RTC bus stand. Ambica biryani is their unique dish mix of all seafood. The serving time is enough to talk about some usual things.

You have to wait for 15min to get your order. You can enjoy several cuisines. The atmosphere of this place is relaxed, and you can enjoy a pleasant dining experience with your family. The seating area is nicely arranged, and the site is suitable for family dining. 

3. Orange Restaurant

Orange Restaurant is a biryani restaurant; this is one of the oldest and most popular restaurants in Eluru and is in the city centre, very near to the main bus stand. The food is delicious, especially biryani items; here, you will find a variety of biriyani. 

If you are looking for a place to have dinner or lunch with your family, then this place is for you. The Orange Restaurant offers delicious cuisine and has a pleasant and humble staff. Here you are offered a lovely seating arrangement and kind ambience.

4. Godavari Garden Family Restaurant

Godavari Garden Family Restaurant is an excellent place for family dining. They have several food and dishes. Here you will find a family-friendly ambience, so you can look at this place for spending quality time with your family, friends, and loved ones. The food tastes good, and you can have a pocket-friendly dinner here.

5. Akarsh Pride

If you want a place to have quality time with your family and friends, then Akarsh Pride restaurant is for you. Akarsh Pride restaurant comes up with a decent menu of vegetarian dishes, where you will find that they have pretty good taste in their words. Ate atmosphere, service, and place are good enough to spend quality time with your family, friends, and loved ones.

6. Navayuga Family Restaurant

Navayuga Family Restaurant might be the right choice for you if you want to have a pleasant dining experience on a decent budget. Not only just food, but they are also good at their budget. You can check out this place for its excellent ambience. Navayuga Family Restaurant is a blue light-themed restaurant, and you can enjoy your cuisine with your family, friends, and loved ones.


These are the top 6 private cabin restaurants in Eluru. Here you will find different cuisines and dishes, and you can check your favourite cuisine accordingly. You will find nice spacing here along with a peaceful ambience. Here both veg and non-veg restaurants are mentioned, and if you are a vegetarian, you don’t have to worry about it; there are wide varieties of veg dishes also available. You can check out the best restaurant according to your taste and preference.

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