top private cabin restaurant in Panchkula

Are you looking for a Private Cabin Restaurant In Panchkula? Then this article is for you. There is some private cabin restaurant in Panchkula where you can enjoy several cuisines and delicious dishes with your loved ones.

What is a dinette?

A Dinette is a small area used for dining space or, we can say, a dining room. This is a space to have small private informal dining. This is a place inside the house in some restaurants where you can experience private dining with your family, friends and loved ones.

Here are the best 5 private cabin restaurants in Panchkula

1. Twisted Barrel

The twisted barrel comes from the top restaurant in Panchkula, where you can eat any dish with any beverage. It is an excellent place to relax and have a good beer. 

They have several beers, and all of them are good. Food quality has always been good in Twisted Barrel kitchen. Their management is excellent. They know how to give the best service to their guests.

2. The Cove

The Cove is mostly the first choice of the people of Panchkula. Open roof area with perfectly arranged seating, the ambience is fantastic. The food served at the banquet is incredible. 

Everyone loves not just the taste of the food but also the quality of the food in Panchkula. You can check out The Cove for a good ambience and the best hospitality of this place. The service given by the team, headed by Captain Ravinder Bhatia, is incredible and unforgettable. You will love the atmosphere and vibes of this place.

3. Bisaat- Cuisines & Culture Curated

Bisaat- Cuisines & Culture Curated is a fine dining restaurant where you will get all the luxurious dining and the best hospitality in the city. The Ambience of this place is top-class, and the interiors are perfect for pictures. The songs they play are decent and low in volume. 

The atmosphere matches the place’s vibes and is suitable for family dining (especially if you bring in older people who don’t like music noise)—a fantastic location for fine dining and Indian food, especially Mughlai dishes. Situated at a quiet corner of sector 5, there is not much disturbance, so that you can enjoy your food peacefully. There is enough parking space available.

4. Upstairs Club

It is a rooftop restaurant with a beautiful ambience. The quality and taste are excellent, and you can enjoy your meal. It is perfect for family dinners and Dates. The site has a mix of winter breeze & warm lamps, and a new lot of coal.

This place is located on the 6th floor, which you can access via Gate 3 of the welcome hotel, don’t follow any other gate. This place has valet parking.  Here the staff and servers are very attentive and have a super friendly atmosphere. The food is in excess, lent especially the drinks here are fantastic. You can be a part of this place’s cuisine with fine dining.

5. The ESCAPE 

The ESCAPE is an excellent place to dine. Escape is a microbrewery in the sector 5 market in line with Nik bakers. The seating of this place is good. 

The ESCAPE  also has a rooftop facility where you can enjoy a private dining experience with your family or loved ones; the area is made especially for couples, so if you are looking for a couple-friendly place, you can use their rooftop. Here you can organise parties with your friends and enjoy it having dinner. 

You can use the Dineout app here for reservations and paying the bill, as you will get a discount on that app. An excellent place to hang out with a great ambience and delicious, exquisite food. The staff is helpful. Food pricing is different on every floor, with the ground floor having the most economical one. The fresh draught beer is good to taste, with some good live music adding more to the vibe of this restaurant.


Here are the top 5 private cabin restaurants in Panchkula. All the restaurants mentioned above are phenomenal, and you will get all the luxurious experiences here. You can choose the best according to your choice, but all the above places are lovely, and you can check out these places to enjoy fine dining along with different cuisines and DJ nights. You can enjoy your precious time visiting these places.