top private cabin restaurant in Yamunanagar

Are you seeking an enchanted dining experience in a private cabin restaurant in Yamunanagar? Then this article is for you. Yamunanagar is a city in Haryana, India which majorly produces Sugarcane, Wheat and Rice. There is a private cabin restaurant in Yamunanagar, where you can enjoy the natural taste of this city.

Yamunanagar is rich in cuisine like – Bajra Aloo Roti Makhan, Bhura Roti Ghee, Besan Masala Roti Makhan, Mithe Chawal, Khichri, Bathua Raita, Kadhi Pakora, Hara Dhania Cholia, Mixed Dal, Methi Gajar, Kachri ki Sabzi, Singri ki Sabzi and many more. 

Top 6 private cabin restaurants in Yamunanagar

1. Pyramid Yamunanagar

Pyramid Yamunanagar is a Microbrewery, Café, Lounge, Bar, and Nightclub. Here you have all the services, and the place is just more than a restaurant, where you will get all the luxury services. If you plan to have a party or chill out with your friends, this place is for you. 

This is an Egyptian-inspired Pyramid-themed restaurant, which is more likely for youngsters. This place also has a bar service where you can enjoy the drinks with their most famous DJ nights. Along with their delicious food, they also offer a vast range of beers, wines, aperitifs, shooters, brandy, cocktails, flamers, imported scotch, whiskeys, rums, gins, vodkas on the bar menu. You can check out this place to enjoy time with your family, friends, and loved ones.

2. The Singla’s

The Singla’s offers you a massive menu of Lunch & Dinner, constituting a wide range of authentic North Indian Cuisine featuring classic Indian dishes and Chinese cuisine. They use a variety of techniques and creativity to make food items. 

They use local items and ingredients for cooking their dishes and give a creative touch to their cuisines. The Singla’s also offers you a Party Lounge to enjoy Family gatherings, Social Gatherings, Family Events, Official Meetings, Wedding Events and Much more. Their motive is to provide all the facilities under one roof. 

3. Green Leaf Cafe & Restaurant

Enjoying different cuisines with family is a blessing; you can have a fine dining experience at Green Leaf Cafe & Restaurant to satisfy your hunger. The place is a couple friendly where the seating and ambience are well-managed. 

Having tremendous service for all types of food, including vegetarian food and non-vegetarian food, you can have a look at. They have a unique way of offering food items and a pleasant and peaceful ambience. The hygiene and cleanliness of this place are on top; You can look at this place. 

4. The Town Restra

The Town Restra is an excellent location for a get-together; this restaurant offers several food items and a large gathering hall. You can check this place for partying and enjoying with friends. 

The Town Restra has a decent menu of veg and non-veg dishes. The overall pricing and taste of this restaurant are justified. This place has well-managed seating and polite staff behaviour; you can check out this place in the mid of the town. 

5. Gautam’s O Dine

Gautam’s O Dine is an excellent place for family gatherings; they offer you a variety of food items at reasonable pricing. Gautam’s O Dine has a decent menu of food items and dishes. They have a pleasant and huge seating space where a large family or friend circle can easily fit. 

So, if you are looking for a place to enjoy a variety of delicious food items with your family, friends and even your loved ones, Gautam’s O Dine will be a perfect match for gathering with them. The food they offer is value for money and a  nice place to have a look at for a dining experience with your loved ones.

6. Uncle Jack’s

Uncle Jack’s is an American restaurant. They have a variety of American food items along with drinks. They have a unique style of service and presentation of the dishes. The QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) model makes this place unique. If you want to satisfy your hunger, quickly visit this place. They have great taste in their American cuisine. 


Here are the best 6 private cabin restaurants in Yamunanagar; every one has its own taste and different way of presenting food items. You can enjoy their delicious cuisine with your group of favourite people. Here you will find various veg and non-veg dishes, and you can choose your favourite according to your taste.