Ways in which ghee enhances the taste of authentic Indian dishes

Ghee also, known as “Ghrta” in Sanskrit, is mainly a clarified form of butter that has its origins back in ancient India. For thousands of years, ghee has been used for cooking various delicious meals. In Ancient India maharajas used to treat their guests with feasts, that were prepared in pure ghee. It also occupies a prominent position in traditional Indian medicines. There are certain unique qualities of ghee that make it the best choice for cooking authentic Indian dishes. Here are some specific ways by which ghee enhances the tastes of authentic Indian dishes. 

Adds more flavour to all the dishes cooked

Pure ghee does not diminish the original taste of the ingredients used for cooking; it adds up more flavor to the meals being prepared. According to ancient Indian texts, ghee is ‘samskara anuvartana’ which means it can retain its own goodness along with the health benefits of the ingredients that are cooked with ghee. Any food cooked using ghee can improve the skin, health, and memory of the person who is eating it. Authentic Indian dishes like Puran Poli, Biriyani, Mysore Pak taste better when they are cooked by using ghee.

Makes food suitable for the heart

According to modern researchers, ghee is safe for heart patients. Ghee can be consumed in small quantities in the form of saturated fats. It acts as an agent that lowers down the bad cholesterols within human bodies and increases the good ones. Now that you can consume authentic Indian food without getting scared, buy ghee from the best cow ghee brands in India and savor the delicacies. 

Best for high heat cooking procedure

Fats like butter and olive oils start getting smoked as they reach 170 degrees Celcius. They even add a burnt and rancid taste to the food being cooked. Ghee has a much higher smoking point compared to them. It does not get smoked until it reaches a whooping temperature of 230 degrees or more. Ghee is the perfect solution for all sorts of high heat cooking. You can easily use ghee to get perfectly brown onions without burning them. Shamiana lamb pulao is an authentic Indian dish that has its origins in the Himalayas, it contains a slow-cooked lamb sauteed in ghee and served with rice.

Quickly soaks up all the spices

India is known for its spices and authentic spicy foods. Modern-day chefs believe that ghee brings out the flavors from spices like cumin and mustard seeds. No other oils are able to do such miracles. By using ghee in the cooking process chefs are able to retain the same taste and authenticity of traditional Indian foods. Lamb samosa, an authentic Indian puffed pastry that is stuffed with a mixture of peas, yogurt, lamb meat, and spices. The whole thing is then fried in ghee.

Apart from enhancing the taste of authentic Indian dishes ghee also stimulates the whole digestion procedure, maintains the body balance of the intaker. It binds the body toxins and helps the body to remove them from time to time. If you are planning to cook an authentic dish by using ghee check out the Wholesalershop.in for the best ghee brands.