What Best Can You Do In Honolulu?

People who love to travel a lot must be familiar with the name Hawaii. And Honolulu always lies at the center because it is the largest, as well as, the capital city of Hawaii. This article is going to help you get familiar with the best things you can do in Honolulu as a tourist.

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What can you do in Honolulu?

This city is filled with a lot of things right downtown but that is not all. The best thing is there are plenty of other things that are a bit far from downtown. Let us have a look at the list below without further delay.

Waikiki beach

The majority of people who visit Honolulu start their day right from this beach. Once you start your journey from the hotel, you have a lot to see along the way while walking through the downtown. Once you have reached Kalakaua Avenue, you can see the starting point of this beach. Taking a walk to arrive at such a wonderful destination is a really amazing thing to do in the morning.

Hiking to the Wimea waterfall

There is a lush valley called Wimea that is about an hour away from the city of Honolulu. It lies in the north of Honolulu. This valley is one of the best places for hiking. And the best thing is that those who can’t hike will get an additional tram service to enjoy this place. The hiking will lead you to the amazing waterfall that is one of a kind. Such sights are very rare.

Snorkel in the wonderful Hanauma Bay

Hanauma Bay state park is one of the best places for this purpose. This is a curved bay that was formed by an extinct volcano and is now serving as the best place for snorkeling. The water is crystal clear and offers very rich biodiversity. The government there has put a lot of effort to preserve that biodiversity. Such gestures fascinate a lot of visitors.

Visit the Diamond and climb on it

It is an ancient volcano site but very beautiful. This is really easy to climb up on the rims and that would enable you to take panoramic views of Honolulu from different angles. It is a really easy process as the trail to go above is a pavement of grass and concrete. As a result that, you will find it easy to climb even at the places where the inclination is steep.

Enjoy the Hawaiian shave ice

Hawaii is popular for a very popular dessert which is shaved ice. You can find this dessert at different locations throughout the streets of Honolulu. Shave ice appears like an ice cone but they are quite different. A solid block of ice is shaved and then several flavors and sweet sauces are poured on the top to make it really tasty.

Visit the history of pearl harbor

Pearl harbor is a very important part of American history. It is the place where the surprise attack happened by the Japanese. This site lies just beside Daniel K Inouye International Airport. You can visit pearl harbor as it is just 15 minutes away from the city of Honolulu.

Final thoughts

This article is intended to help you with the best things to do in Honolulu. It is a nice city with the perfect balance of modern infrastructure and historical marks. Get to know about Alaska airlines check in process and other things by going to the official website.