Finding the Best Romantic Restaurants in Orlando Has Never Been Easier

There is nothing more pleasing than spending time with someone special. Things get a completely new face when you are with someone like that. There is no end to the list of things people like to do as a couple. Someone likes to spend time together while doing charitable works while there are others who like to go to movies as much as they want. But there are some choices that remain the same for everyone. Yes, we are talking about going to restaurants. Food is far more than just our basic needs. Food is something capable of completely elevating our experience. Going to the best places for dining is one of the most pleasant things that couples like to engage in doing. This article is going to help those who have just stepped into Orlando and want to have a great time. It is more like a guide to help you find romantic restaurants in Orlando.

There are some cities in the world that are more than enough to do whatever you want. Luckily, Orlando is one such city where you will be able to do them all. This amazing city in the US is capable of delivering the best of the best in many ways. Anyways, let us start with the list of names that we have found to be the best romantic restaurants near Orlando.


Antonio has been among the best for quite some time. In fact, they have always been ranked among the best for quite a long time. And we want to tell you that they are able to maintain this position due to some reasons. Since we are talking about a restaurant that offers the best features other than just food, Antonio simply stands to the reputation. You can choose from two options there. Downstairs is a restaurant that works the best for families. In case you want something special, head on upstairs where you will have one of the finest dining experiences of your life.

Chez Vincent

French literature has always been the most exciting thing for romantic people. The same thing applies to French cuisine as well. There is no way you can skip the deliciousness that this cuisine can offer you. Talking of Chez Vincent, there is no need to talk more. This is an all-around french restaurant where you don’t only get french food but the overall aura of french culture. Be it the ambiance, the white table-clothes, etc., everything has a touch of French culture. And you must be aware of the rare specialty of french restaurants i.e. overwhelming desserts. Well, you will get plenty of them here. No expectation of yours will be left unfulfilled at Chez Vincent.

Le Coq Au Vin

Chef Louis Perrotte was behind the operation of this amazing restaurant. After his retirement, another amazing chef Reimund Pitz undertook this responsibility. His constant experiment with different food products has taken the reputation of this restaurant to the next level. He has a whole new approach of using the local produce in order to prepare the best-in-class french cuisine. This amazing blend of local produce with french cuisine is something exceptional in many ways. This is definitely a place worth exploring with your romantic partner.

Victoria and Albert’s

Constantly ranked among the most elegant restaurants in central Florida. The first noticeable feature of this restaurant is its location. It is situated right above Grand Floridian resort and spa on the second floor. Visiting this place will give you enough opportunities to engage in several other fun activities as well. The menu of this amazing restaurant keeps on changing based on the seasons. Apart from that, almost every ingredient is obtained from local sources. You can book the special table called Chef’s table in the small kitchen of the restaurant.


It is managed and operated by an extraordinary chef named Brandon McGlamery. This restaurant is quite exceptional in the way that it blends all the modern ingredients with traditional Italian cuisine. They are completely devoted to delivering the Italian taste in its true form. That is the main reason why they use Italian wood. In order to get it done the best way, the natural wood is imported right from Naples. Since the number of people who love Italian cuisine is quite high. This restaurant has the ability to delight all those couples.

Final words

We tried our best to include only the finest romantic restaurants in Orlando. We considered the needs of a large number of people in order to make sure some of the names from this list fit a larger group of people. Since the taste and preferences of people vary based on their culture and other factors, we ensured that there are enough names in this list to make sure you find one that suits you. We hope this article would support your needs in the way you want.